AdSense 101: Things you should know before setup Google AdSense


Hi, this is Nasir Piya, Here is the 2nd Tutorials of AdSense 101 Series. Today we’ll be learning about “Things you should know before setup Google AdSense”.


Topics we’ll be covering in today’s Tutorial are:

I: Privacy and Content Policy:

II: Content guidelines:

III: Design and user Experience guidelines:

IV: Traffic sources:

V: Domain Name:

VI: Using Other Advertising Network:


Before you set up an AdSense account, there are some things you need to be aware of it. Because google is pretty strict when it comes to how you use its ads services. There are countless stories of people getting their AdSense sites banned around the web. Because they didn’t know any better.

In this tutorial guide, you’ll learn about the things you need to know and do before setting up adsense account. So you don’t become the one of many adsense rejects on the internet.

Things you should know to avoid getting banned by Google:

  • You can set up to advertise with Google AdSense to earn some good money. But there are some things that can easily put you on Google’s black list.
  • Some of them are common sense stuff. And some of them would have required you to read their guide as well for signing up.
  • That is why we are going to show you how to proceed the right way while saving your precious time. 😛

1: Privacy and Content Policy:

  • First you should know what kind of content is the kind of appropriate content for google adsense sites. Content that violates google policy for adsense are nudity, pornography, piracy and copyright infringement.
  • Adsense ads shouldn’t be shown through pop-up, email or by third party software applications. You can experiment with ad behavior and placement to an-extend. But not in a way that can exaggerate its behavior and placement.
  • Also you have to disclose that you are using Google ads to advertise and monetize your website. This can be done through a simple text on an about page on your site.
  • For more details and specific information check Google AdSense’s support page. As of more detailed review of an important information that may apply to your specific site.

2: Content guidelines:

  • Google tends to be very picky about which sites they approve. Even if your site is approved, it can be banned later. Why? If you don’t follow google content policy for websites. (So be-aware about these policies)
  • There are common sense guide lines to any serious website owner. But they can sometimes slip out the radar. So you learn about the most important right now.
  • First you need to create enough content for google to review. For example you must have at least 20 to 30 articles with well organized, well-structured providing quality to users.
  • This is so you don’t just create a site to place ads. That is really prohibit. Don’t do it at any cost, because it cause rejection every time.
  • You have to create a site with original content. You also have to make sure that you check proper spelling and grammatical errors in your writings.
  • This is because Google is very picky about this aspect. If a site is poorly written and full of grammar errors, it’ll not be approved.
  • Also google pays special attention to sites that are making sales pages to their content. Such sites can banned.
  • And the only way to avoid this is by creating original and meaning full content. The content to give your readers or visitors reason to stay.
  • If Google sees your site as an ad itself, it’ll not go though. So work on your content to stay on safe mode.

3: Design and user Experience guidelines:

  • Google cares about the design of your website and how good the user experience is that you provide on it. Website design refers to the theme and template used to colors, to buttons and to sections.
  • First your website design must be elegant and minimal. A professional looking template, appropriate site fonts and normal size pictures are appreciated by google.
  • On the other hand bright colors, giant fonts, pictures and empty templates can rejected.
  • Then comes the section of your page. Google play special attention to the section of your site. Because they are how a visitor navigate.
  • You should include an About Us page, Privacy Policy page and Contact Us
  • Those are section that you’ll need to have to get approved by Google. And if you don’t have them, you have to get to work with and start creating them.
  • Having the sections is important to google. Because they want to make sure the websites using its advertising service are serious about their business.
  • One thing to remember is to place your name and email address somewhere in your about us page. So google knows that your site is indeed the site of person that apply for adsense and not some spam box.

4: Traffic sources:

  • Google cares about where AdSense’s websites traffic comes from. So if you’re thinking using paid traffic to get clicks, start forgetting about it.
  • Organic traffic, or traffic comes from sources like social media sites, search engines and traffic engineered though SEO are the only kinds of traffic approved by Google.
  • If Google detects a site getting paid traffic, it get banned, so avoid it forever.

5: Domain Name:

  • Your domain name is also important for getting approved. It is a simple as having a top level domain name to get it approved.
  • A top level domain name is a unique domain name that has no sub-domains on it.
  • For example if you’re using a website like and choose to select their hosting solution on free domain then your website will be like that:
  • That website has two sub-domains and Google doesn’t approved your website for adsense.
  • To get your site approved, you need a unique domain. In that case, the domain should be, or with .org extensions are the top level domain.
  • So make sure to use a domain provider like Namecheap, Hostgator, and Godady to buy your domain name.

6: Using Other Advertising Network:

  • Google doesn’t approve sites that are already using other online advertising networks.
  • To use adsense, you can only advertise adsense ads on your site. Otherwise your website get banned from the adsense network. Horrible! 😀

Final Words to say:

So this was the 2nd Tutorials of AdSense 101 Series. By which tried to learn about “Things you should know before setup Google AdSense”. I tried my best to deliver the best info in this tutorials guide for AdSense 101 Series.

If you’ve questions, you’re most welcome in comment section to discuss with us. Please feel free to post your feedbacks in comment section. Share it as well, see you again,

Thanks You!

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