How you can Learn Web Development easily? [Resources]

November 2, 2016

Web Development is a very broad term used for developing website over the internet. These websites may be from simple plain textual data representation to complex innovative designed pages.

So as many of you know about what web is, so we’re not here to talk about what web is? But the only purpose is “How you can Learn Web Development easily” yup, you heard right! You can also learn web development in case of not familiar with it. Just read the full guide and start your work.

Before moving forward, we’ve to know the popular programming languages we should learn for a better web programmer/developer. Below is the list of popular web programming languages:


2: CSS

3: PHP

4: JavaScript

5: jQurey

6: Python

7: Ruby

And many others with some of their frameworks like bootstrap, cass, codeIngniter etc…

There are some CMS (Content management system) as well to support the field of web development like wordpress, joomla, drupal, magento and many more.

We should also come to know that there two types of website:

1: Statics website

2: Dynamic website

Static with some simple pages coded in html (or other) language including images etc. but dynamic website updates dynamically with multiple pages via pagination.

So far so good, we have come to know what web development is, websites and languages to develop websites. Now come to the learning part, where we can learn these technical terminologies?

Below are some platforms with their short intro given for your ease:

YouTube Tutorials:

The best FREE way to learn web programming, the one and only YouTube learning tutorials on programming. Many of experts have uploaded very informative as well as practical guides on their youtube channels. Just give a try to search on YouTube, you’ll amaze to see results.

Professional level tutorials on almost all programming languages from start to finish are present on This is very old and reliable site to learn. But mostly courses are paid, free course also there to improve your skills as well.

Millions of online courses are being taught by thousands of instructors from all over the world to students. You can buy course of your choice and start learning.

Another awesome site to learn professional skills online is Go there and find web development tutorials to learn.

Step by step textual guide is here on its free to download PDF of each programming section. So grab this free opportunity.

Same like tutorials point, w3school is also another great online source of free learning. It covers almost all the programming topics via its web or desktop.

Web Programming Groups on Social Media:

This is another amazing source of learning new skills via participating social media groups, like FB groups, G+ Groups etc. start questioning there and get help from experts out there.

Let’s talk together:

I hope this may help you to find some information about how you can learn web development easily. We’ve discuss some great online resources to help you. Is there anything missing? Lets comments below or contact us for further help. We’ll happy to response back. Do share this guide to others as well, Thanks!

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