Interview with Mudassir Malik Freelance Internet Marketer (Upwork)

October 31, 2016

Interview with Mudassir Malik – Freelance Internet Marketer

Hi, Today we’ve another guest of honor here with exciting discussion. Yeah he is Top class expert from Pakistan. Please welcome to Mudassir Malik- Top rated freelance internet marketer on upwork. So lets quickly come to the discussion & start Interview with Mudassir Malik.

Live Interview with Mudassir Malik – Freelance Internet Marker 

Me: Assalam o alikum, warmly welcome to the show, Mr. Mudassir. How are you feeling?

Mudassir: WA alakium Assalam, Thanks for considering me worthy enough for this interview. I am pretty excited and looking forward to have some interesting conversation.

Me: Glad to know that. So first question, please tell us something about yourself?

Mudassir: Well, I am into digital marketing and have been doing so from almost a decade now. Started from SEO in 2007 and now mostly focusing on paid advertising.

I have been working on Upwork (odesk) since 2008 and I also provide consultancy to some other clients too.

I am a top rated contractor on Upwork with 100% success rate. Have logged 5500+ hours and worked on 115+ projects so far. I also have worked on many fixed price jobs as well.


Me: Just wow… So amazed so know that! So you tell us started professional career back in 2007. Can tell us about your educational career?

Mudassir: I am from Rawalpindi basically so had my early schooling from a local FG School, did ICS from Gordon College (Well known because of Sheikh Rasheed 😉 ) and I did my BS (CS) from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)

I also have received several certifications including “Google AdWords Premier Partner, Google Analytics Certification, Bing Accredited Certification” and 5 different certifications from

It includes ecommerce marketing specialist, search marketing specialist, customer acquisition specialist, analytics & data specialist and customer value optimization specialist. I am also currently enrolled in 4 other certification programs which includes email marketing specialist, content marketing specialist, social media marketing etc.

Me: This is really awesome info, you shared with us. So move on. How do you define Terms SEO & Digital marketing? is there any difference?

Mudassir: Digital Marketing means any form of marketing which is online like email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing.

and SEO is just one of them. E.g. Email Marketing is also form of digital marketing, social media marketing is also digital marketing. SEO is a way to increase the visitors to a website by achieving high ranking in SERP.

Me: Ok, How did you manage your educational career with professional life? Or you started pro-life later after education?

Mudassir: Actually I am quite old 🙂 I did my graduation back in 2004 so yes I started my pro-life after my education. However I am continuously learning and had all of these certifications during my professional career.

I believe traveling is the best teacher. I was invited in Bangkok by one of my clients in 2010 to host a workshop on Digital Marketing that was a very knowledgeable experience.

I often visit clients in Middle East for consultancy services etc. and I learn a lot through these. I am enrolled as a Google Partner in MENA region.

Me: So as you’re quite old, and in your time competition was almost none. And now there is faster race! How can a new online worker survive???

Mudassir: Well, I won’t say that there was no competition but the competition was less and it was easy to achieve desirable results especially when it comes to SEO.

I would suggest few thing to new comers

  1. Language is most important, since most of the clients are based in English speaking countries so one should have fluent English speaking and error free writing skills.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time, I have seen many new comers who just want to be a millionaire over the night and start doing so many thing in parallel. Trust me, it isn’t that easy.

Clients need proves especially when it comes to freelancing so my advice would be to focus on one thing at a time. So that you can fully concentrate and can have something to showcase in your portfolio.

  1. It isn’t that easy as it looks like, it’s a full time job. It needs time, concentration and devotion. Many people especially students want to do this in their spare time, I would say, you can learn the tools or techniques in your spare time but you become an expert only when you implement them and achieve some good results and for that you need to full concentration.
  2. It is more important to maintain a relationship with a client than to acquire a client. Always maintain such a relationship with your client that next time he does not have to look anywhere else if he requires the same service again.

Let me tell you 95% of my clients are returning clients.

Me: Well, these advices are worthy enough to read. Now coming to freelancing. What’s your professional approach towards a client?

Mudassir: I would divide this into steps.

1- Apply on those jobs only where your expertise match with the job descriptions.

2- Always showcase your portfolio items

3- Write a custom cover lever for every single job you apply for and target every single point mentioned in job description

4- If you are new on a specific platform like Upwork, keep the bid low in the start

5- Once the client shortlist you for the interview, always prefer voice chat over text especially if you are good and confident enough while speaking English. I believe you can convince someone better while talking than chatting

6- Once selected, get as many job detail and requirement as possible in the start of the job. Set achievable deadlines and let the client know about them.

  1. Keep on updating the client with the job progress.
  2. Achieve your deadline. And last but not least. Stay in contact with your client so that he shouldn’t forget about you.

Me: Awesome! What services you’ll recommend for freelancing? Also tell us trendy ones!

Mudassir: Programming is always on top, that’s a highly paid job. Especially web programming in PHP (WordPress).  Custom theme development.  That’s easy and worth learning.

I know, this is something which is not part of my expertise but since I am a CS graduate so sometimes I do that for my clients too.

Besides that whatever you do, do that with dedication, you will be successful.

Me: Yeah it is. Suggest any tool, exercise, book or something else to be fluent in English writing & especially speaking.

A typical Pakistani question. 😀

Mudassir: Grammarly is a good tool for grammar checking that’s very in now a days and for learning English I would suggest englishleap. Practice make a man perfect so learning is not enough, we need to practice a lot.

So for practice one should join such forums and groups which talk about their niches e.g. if someone is doing SEO so there are many groups and pages on Facebook even. One should actively participate in them.

Me: Any un-forgetful experience with clients, you can share here?

Mudassir: as far as your this question is concerned

Well, there are good and there are bad too.

for bad ones. Once I was working on a fixed price job, the client paid me half in advance and promised to give the other half on completion. So when I completed the project and asked for the remaining money, he was like return which I have already paid you otherwise I will ruin your rating and I had to return because while freelancing on sites like odesk, elance etc. rating is everything. There are many good examples of good ones too. I was a permanent employee with one of my clients and they often gave unexpected bonuses like on Eid, New Year etc

Once I also won a MacBook from Google MENA for managing the max spent in MENA Region.

Me: What’s your thoughts on online work vs offline work (physical job/labour etc).

Mudassir: As I have worked in both the models I would say, you can earn more in online work and you learn more in offline 🙂

When you are going to office, you get to meet your colleagues etc. on daily basis and you are working in a team.

So you learn from each other a lot

One more suggestion, I would like to add in my list of suggestions which I gave on earlier would be. Before starting online work, once should work in some office for a while to learn office ethics, norms, do’s and don’ts

Me: Being an expert, what will you suggest to Pakistan govt to empower IT industry? What’s IT expert should for the betterment of our community?

Mudassir: first of all I am not an expert. I am still learning 🙂 I believe now Govt has picked up the right track. These incubators are playing vital roles. The Universities and HEC need to keep on updating the curriculum on regular basis and include the trendy thing in syllabus.

IT experts should come up and help the society by sharing their knowledge. Because sharing is caring. I am also planning to host few webinars in this regard in coming days.

Me: Wow that’s awesome, and we can catch you on live stream as well… As this type of discussions, just love! I’m not in mod to leave you. 😀 yeah really. But time is very important. So at the end, would you like to shout out your special message to readers/newbies and other pros.

Mudassir: Well, I guess I have already covered the most in my answers but still as this is compulsory. I would say do whatever you do in freelancing like developments, SEO, social media, accounting or anything. First start loving your work and develop enough expertise, trust me you would be successful.

There is no shortcut to success.

I guess, there are no more questions so I would say it was pleasure and comfortable talking to you.

Hope to meet you in real somewhere soon.

Me: Yeah, i’m immense pleasure to talk to you… Really had a great time… Hope for the best! Good bye!

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