Interview with Abdul Waheed Cyber Security & SEO Professional

September 28, 2016

interview with abdul-waheedHi, this is another day with beautiful guest of honor with me for interview. Live Interview with Abdul Waheed Cyber Security & SEO Professional. So ready to meet with Abdul Waheed who is a Young Pakistani Cyber Security & SEO professional.

It is very much special for me as well as my readers that, Mr. Waheed do not work in local market of Pakistan regarding SEO. Which he’ll clear later in interview. Now it’s time to go with flow! Really. 😀 yeah! I didn’t interrupt you anymore!

Let’s start the show!

Live Interview with Abdul Waheed Young Professional From Pakistan

Me: Welcome to the show Mr. Abdul waheed. How’re you feeling?

Mr. Abdul: Feeling good!

Me: Ok tell us something about yourself?

Mr. Abdul: Well Yeah I’m Abdul Waheed from Karachi I have been involved in the field of I.T when I was 12 years old as I’m using computers when I was in 3 class, as now I have complete my FSC from Karachi ! and thinking to go to any university now to gain more experience and knowledge as the part of online working I do client SEO on different platforms like People Per Hour, I was a blogger as well, but I left blogging and get involved in client SEO about 2 years ago as I started my blogging career in 2010.

Me: glad to know that… what kind of SEO work do you for your clients. Some words on it.

Mr. Abdul: Well depend on the customer’s requirements. But mostly I do Keyword Research for them, Complete website Audit, Competition Analysis, Penalty Recovery, Google Sandbox recovery. As on People Per Hour it is a quick way to make some good income. But I have some personal client’s as well I provide them complete SEO packages from beginning to rankings. And I’m also involved in Rank and Rent method in which you make a site and rank it. Then rent it to any of the local business on monthly/weekly basis with the vision of maximizing the presence and the success of my clients. One thing more I do not offer my services in the Local market (Pakistan) as you never saw me on any of the platforms where I was pitching my services! etc.

Me:  This is something special comments regarding Pakistani market. Why do you not working in local market? Any specific reason?

Mr. Abdul: well there are tons of reasons but the main reason is that it takes to much time to make your customer understands that Sir you really need that service, so I feel more comfortable to offer my services outside Pakistan as they actually know the worth of online presence as I got some Private clients from it is a website to spy on AdWords competitors, but I use it to get clients, and I can easily get 1 new customer from each month that’s why I do not waste my time to tell the customer the worth of online presence as on Spyfu I find the clients that are already spending online for their presence so that’s easy to pitch a client who is already running paid ads and has a good budget so we can easily convert a client from paid marketing to SEO as it takes some time but you get more benefits when your website shows organically in the Search Engine

Me: why did you left blogging?

Mr. Abdul: Well I left blogging as someone blocked my AdSense and also done Negative SEO of my blogs on that time I was a newbie in the field of blogging so does not know much about it as know there are tons of peoples to help you in different Facebook groups but on that time that’s very hard to take help from strangers I had 2 blogs and another one is personal, as I was a member of  IT Super group, I will tell you more about IT super as this was the place from where I get started my professional life.

IT Super first started in 2007-2008 by Murad Khan on Chopaal (Group SMS Service) later it called SMSAll on that time there was a rule in Our Group ITSUPER that daily a member will share a lecture on anything related to IT on that time I was in class 7 if I remember correctly so every day I learn something new and also teach something that I know on my turn and that process goes on sms yeah ! Quite funny but that’s true on that time we teach and learn from people on mobiles by sms you can compare this as a blog, as we all read blogs today! that was the place from where I get to know about Hacking, Blogging, SEO and things related to online earning, so I first started blogging as I have told you that someone done a negative SEO so I have to figure out who was that person so I get involved in Hacking related stuff and found that person very easily as on that time there was no such resources to hide your online Identity and after that I learn some advance techniques in hacking and hacked a whole web server as it was for fun.

Here is the Mirror link of the server I hacked back in 2014!

Me: so surprisingly you’re also involved in some security things? Hacking etc.?

Mr. Abdul: yeah that was after when I got penalty on my blog and also get AdSense disapproved, so I decided to punish that person who did that with! so I get to know about EC-Council that is a global leader in InfoSec Cyber Security certification programs like Certified Ethical Hacker and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, but that was too costly, but luckily I found their stuff (videos, eBooks, private exploits and some software’s) on torrent, so I first learn the basics and then jump on to Forensic Investigator course, a course that every cyber security officer must have to do to caught hackers and online thieves after that I figure out  who done that by following the footprints of backlinks that he made for my website and finally I caught that person and after that we become friends   but that whole process was enjoyable and I teach him that how I trace you and then we share our knowledge with each other’s as he was more involved in SEO kind of stuff well I do not want to mention his name as he told me kise ko mat btana k you hack me   after that my hacking journey get started and I Joined some local groups and daily our target were to hack the pc’s websites etc. etc. but later then when I hack a whole server in 2014 which I have mentioned above that person reported in FIA but however my relatives managed that but never told me about that and my father disconnected my internet, as he said  me now your College is started so you have to focus on your studies so on that time I thinks that may be that is why he do that but later when I finished my college and thinking to go to Aptech so I told my father that I really needs an internet connection now and then he told me why he disconnected me from internet well I have not used internet for 2 years almost !  Then I thinks about it and move on to other thinks and now I teach people and professionals that how to be secured as I have done an online webinar on security have a look

I have achieved many things in my life Alhamdulillah, and now it times to serve the community

Me: what was your first online activity, work for earning?

Mr. Abdul:  well i earned my first $ online from PTC sites but it takes to much time to earn from PTC sites so I move on to blogging and AdSense ????

After that now I’m doing Client SEO.

Me: what’s your motivation in online/offline?

Mr. Abdul: Ahan ! Well there are tons of peoples who motivated me when I was starting most of them are from IT Super group of chopaal as they are doing this so why not I and Murad Khan is one of the best teacher I knew in the field of I.T along with some other experts and teachers there is a long list, Being self-motivated means being ready for driven, focused discussion and behavior. It also means being sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and to be open to positive learning. Being in this state of mind is the challenge! Luckily, I have every tool to disposal to get started.

Motivation is not magic. It does not come in a bottle. There is no little blue pill for it.

Me: that’s impressive.. Any message for newbies who just come to online filed?

Mr. Abdul: Yeah, I enjoyed this and hoped so that all the readers who will read this also get to know that it is not easy for anyone to work online from home! But as you guys are helping others whenever they need you! Great efforts from your side and keep doing this, as tons of peoples demotivate you but do not ever lose your hope! Gain knowledge and then share it with others.

Final Words to say:

So this was an online meetup with Abdul Waheed a very talented young professional from Pakistan who mainly works on cyber security and SEO for his clients. i hope you’ve got some worthy info with this interview. if you’ve any query ask below in comments!

Do share with other, & stay tuned for upcomming exciting interview in near future! Thanks!


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