How to add text to photos using Android App


Hi all, this is what we will learn how to add text to photos using android app. There are many other tools are on internet but this is difficult to find right one. so today we’ll try to find out quality tools for android phones to add text to photos. Be calm and read the full post!

The world of today has become a social networking hub and people connect with their friends and family with the help of apps which provide texting, talking and sharing nice photos together. The Android technology has progressed from the time of its introduction into the software market and evolved each year to prove worthy of worldwide usage. Apps of different kinds prove not only helpful but also add color and style to photos, everyday activities and more. Many text on photos apps are introduced to write on photos that have gained popularity and people use them to share pictures on social media or send those their loved ones living far away. Some of the apps that add text on images are discussed below:

Phonto- Text to photos

Phonto is an interesting text on photos app that helps in decorating the photos with the help of shapes like stars. If pictures are of cute little babies a heart can be added to those photos which would show love to the little one. Wink, smile, anger and laughter emojis can be added to show emotions relative to the photos when you are to add text on images. The app also has a feature of different fonts available. Text rotation and letter spacing helps the user to add stylish text on photos which gives a nice outlook to simple pictures. All these features combined makes it a powerful write on photos app and add text to photos.


As the name suggests Textgram text on photos app is all about writing stylish text in the form of graffiti and stickers on the text to make it cool. Many filters and frames are available to make a simple text message look outstanding. In addition to add text on images, pictures from the photo gallery can be inserted with a fully loaded text message on top with all the stickers and frames to make the image feel like a post card. The background can also be changed and frames and shapes can be added to make the text on photos look nice. The decorated image can be shared directly on social media which is another plus point of this write on photos app.

Photo Captions- Insta Square

This write on photos app is all about adding captions to photos. The text on photos app suggests by itself the size of font that should be added to the picture when you are to add text on images and there is a wide array of quotes available that can be pasted on the photos as caption. Also the user can write their own captions using different fonts which is an added advantage of this app. Another feature of the app involves inserting picture on the top of another picture which is known as PIP. It is a cool feature of this add text on images app, making regular simple photos into fun pictures through its write on photos feature.

PicLab- Photo Editor

Piclab is another text on images feature app and is a photo editor in reality with all the cool features which makes the pictures fantastic through a bit of editing. There is a wide variety of fonts to choose from to turn the simple photo into something extraordinary. Add text on photos and edit it to make it look sharp and brilliant. You can also add text on images and write on photos in the form of a nice quote including a heart or a smiley face and share it on the social media with friends and family. The user can draw on his own some nice things on the picture or write on photos with his own handwriting to make the photograph memorable for life.


The above mentioned 4 apps are some of the most popular write on photos app available on android smartphones. You can enhance your personal or work images through these add text on images app. So what are you waiting for? Download these interesting text on photos app and start customizing the images to share with your friends, family or followers on social media. If you have a separate list of add text on images apps, feel free to share it with us through the comments section.

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