How to get royalty free stock images for Blog OR YouTube?


Hi all, it’s been a new day with new dreams and hard work to full fill personal wishes/desires. I hope everything will be fine from your side and there’ll be a good sign as well. So today I’ve come with some free things for you guys! Yeah its royalty free stock images for blog or youtube videos.

Why we use royalty free stock images?

As per blogging or vlogging (youtube world), we need graphical data like images. We find free source to get it because we have to use free of copyright images stock for content creation, it may be blog post or video presentation for youtube. The reason behind is simple, Google don’t like copyrighted guys (:D ) seriously, he feel jealousy with them and give punishment straight forward manner, wither how much big you are…. Strange….. Yeah it’s hard to accept but true. previously i have added: Free Facebook Cover PSD to Download

There are some ethical & logical rules there:

  • Copyrighted image stock images are owned by someone, which may be any organization or personal intellectual property.
  • Its ethical bad thing to steal others creation, while he/she doesn’t like it.
  • Royalty free stock images are open source to use and every one can make changes according to their needs.
  • Search Engines like google and youtube give punish to those sites or videos who use copyright materials.

So for now, we have discussed the disadvantages of using copyright graphics. New to graphics designing? then this free resource is meant to you: How to become graphic Designer Free Training

And here come the source & trick where you can easily find royalty free images as stock and there will be no issue to use in your own content creation.

Cartoon Character type images stock:

If you need cartoon type royalty free images stock to create funny videos, presentation or blog post then there is a trick for you…!

First go to and try to find funny images that suits your graphics requirements. Then must see on the bottom left Conner tag: “creative common”. Now what does “Creative Common” means: simply open sources stock images to use. And there are available to re-use in other creation. As wikihow allow most of the images in creative common license…. Give a try once. 😛 in past added, an article you may like to read: How to Build Banner Designing Business Online

Best websites to Find Royalty Free Stock Images:

Below is the list give for your ease to find best HD quality royalty free pictures which you can use without any hassle. 😛

Final Words:

I hope this list will help you to Download HD royalty free stock images and there will be a great asset, when you’ll create any new graphics project. Feel free to post your question below if any query related to this post. Also do share with your friends as sharing is caring.

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