Easiest Way to Become Seller on Fiverr and Earn Money

January 18, 2017
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You’re looking for a guide about Easiest Way to Become Seller on Fiverr and start earning money online. Right? yeah, its simple guide especially dedicated to you if you’ven’t any idea where to start. 🙂 As many of newbies are looking for a professional guide about Fiverr, for this purpose; they usually are also willing to pay huge amount of FEE for paid courses. But Today I ‘ve come up with Simplest guide start online business on fiverr. Let you read the whole article with concentration.

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Easiest Way to Become Seller on Fiverr Right Now:

You may have listed the word “Make Money Online many times but may have never got success in this. But don’t worry today I am going to teach you a very simple and working method to earn real money from Fiverr. So, please first follow my advice and close the Facebook tab and sit tight so that you can read this article carefully.

What Fiverr is actually?

Well, you are new, so the introduction to Fiverr is necessary. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can sell your services and skill at a price starting from $5 up to $1000. On Fiverr, you can sell everything in which you are expert. For example, if you are good in designing then you can sell logos and banners etc., but if you are a good content writer, then you can write the contents if you are a video maker then you can sell videos. Everything depends upon you what you can sell.

How Fiverr Works?

The working of Fiverr is not hard like rocket science. Instead, Fiverr works on very simple rules and that is the offer, sell and get paid. I mean you have to provide any service on Fiverr when anyone who needs that service search Fiverr also states your service there in the result if the buyer clicks on your GIG (more on this later) and orders you the services you have to complete the order, after completing the order you get paid.

What Services can you offer on Fiverr?

As I have already said, you can provide everything on Fiverr in which you are expert, but below I have listed some valuable services which you can provide on Fiverr and can earn a good junk of money on daily basis.

How to Sign up for Fiverr

Signing up for Fiverr is the easiest task you just need to go to the Fiverr.com and register yourself by entering your email and choosing a Password. On the other hand, you can also choose to Sign up with Facebook or Google + that’s pretty straightforward and quick process.

After you have signed up for Fiverr, the next thing you have to do is to create your first GIG on Fiverr.

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How to create a Gig on Fiverr

Creating a Gig is the most important part, and you should do this correctly. Otherwise, you may not get your customers faster.

Step 1: – After signing up for Fiverr, click on the drop-down icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Selling after that click on MY GIGS link.

Step 2: – On the next page click on Add A New Gig button.

Step 3: – Now write your GIG’s title it is the service you will provide there. For example, if you are willing to provide logo designing then write “I will make stunning logos for your blogs” you can change this sentence according to your services. After that select your service’s category and then enter three tags. Click save and continue to go to the next step.

Step 4: – The next step is the pricing. Here you have to write appropriate price for your GIG. But first write the name of your package, then a description of your service, and then select the number of revision which you will provide your customers after that select a price between $5 and $995. Finally, click on Save and Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: – Now you have to write a few words as a description of your GIG. You can also add some FAQs if you think they can help your customers.

Step 6: – In the Requirements phase you have to write the requirements which you need from your buyer. For example, if he wants you to create a banner then ask what to write on the banner. This field entirely depends on the service you are going to provide.

Step 7: – The Gallery step is the easiest step here you have to upload some images or videos related to your GIG after that click Continue button and publish your GIG.

That’s it you have successfully published your first gig.

Now wait for some time, I will suggest to share your GIG on Facebook and on all other social networks so that you can get more clicks from them and this will help you to get more orders.

Note: This is guest Post submitted by Fahad Mirza. You can also submit your articles via contacting me on facebook.

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