AdSense 101: Getting Start with Google AdSense


Hi guys! I hope you’ll be happy with your life by sound health. You’re welcome to a brand new series of AdSense 101 guide proudly brought to you by & narrated by Nasir Piya. By this introductory tutorials: Getting Start with AdSense we’re going to start a series of helping tuts on AdSense guide called AdSense 101.

Getting Start with AdSense:

First of all, let me clear something if you’re well aware about adsense then good, but if not? No need to worry, I’ll be here to clear each and everything about adsense according to my knowledge.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a well-known advertising company owned by Google. About 60% of all google revenue come through adsense monetization program. In simple words, it offers content monetization program to website owners (publishers), by which they display ads to web pages and get commissions over each click, impression and views.

Some Facts about Google AdSense:

  • AdSense is a system used by Google to publicize its client’s advertisements on your website or blog.
  • These ads are administrated and stored by Google to display useful ads to its users.
  • In 1998, a private company located in Los Angeles developed a search algorithm, based on the meaning of words and their synonyms.
  • It was called Applied Semantics and later acquired by Google in 2003, which changed its name to Google AdSense.
  • Rapidly, Adsense came to represent large % of google total revenue.
  • In 2015, Google global net ad revenue was $51.81 billion.
  • The reported % of google mobile search ad revenue that comes from apple device is 75%.
  • The quick-through-rate for a mobile search ad on Google in the first position is 27%.
  • The quick-through-rate for a desktop search ad on Google in the first position is 19.3%.
  • Google share for the Global mobile digital advertisement market is 40.5$.
  • Google’s share for US paid search ad click is 79%.

Google AdSense is the most reliable advertising platform on the internet today and can generate the most revenue for publishers (compared to other similar PPC system).

There are more the 2 million publishers in Google AdSense Program.

AdSense Publishers mad about $7 Billion from this ad program.

The Best performing ad size is the large rectangle, 336×280.

Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%. For example, if an advertiser pay $1 for a click, then 68 cents will go to publisher and 32 cent will go to google.

Google AdSense offers various services to customers according to their needs.

AdSense types currently available for publishers as well as advertisers are given below:

  • AdSense for Content:

It shows select ads based on content of websites using adwards advertising network. This mod will allow plan text, images, animated images, flash, videos or rich media ads.

  • AdSense for Search:

Google through its adsense for search system offers customers ability to place a search box on their websites. Where the user of the web page perform the search using search box, google will represent related ads according to their search criteria. Revenue of adsense for search is below than adsense for content until you got higher % of click and greater the revenue. Advertisers will only pay when user clicks on the ads. Adsense is not paying for search being mad.

  • AdSense for Video:

This mod provide payments to the owners of the video content using add placements. As options here, you can use pre-row and post-row video ads and overly ads.

How do you make money with it?

Google adsense is based on the CPC or Cost Per Click method that allows publishers to the ability to place advertisements on their websites. Google pay certain amount on each click on its ads.

These ads are loaded on websites in HTML and automatically pop up, based on the content of the site or what the user type.

The customers pay Google to advertise their publications. Which intern page for posting on the website of register publishers. Establishing relationship which everyone is winner.

Why do you want to make money with it?

Google AdSense allows you to profit online in a simple way, using your website, video site or your won blog. In other words, google will pay you for each click on ads placed on your website.

The chances of success with this methods are very high. Because of adwards system which google uses to select advertisers is very effective. To be part of your website, advertisers are chosen to auctions and by ratings. Despite of large number of advertisers competing space in your page, which results in quality material.

It will provide great benefits for you and better experience for your users.

Final Words to say: 

I’m try to keep thing as simple as i can for you regarding Getting Start with AdSense. but if you have still queries or confusions related to adsense, then comments below, i’ll try my best to answer in more simple ways. Do share it as well, as sharing is caring! Thanks!


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