AdSense 101: What to Advertise using Google AdSense?

September 1, 2016

Hi this is Nasir Piya, Here is the 3rd Tutorials of AdSense 101 Series. Today we’ll be learning about “What to Advertise using Google AdSense?”


Topics we’ll be covering in today’s Tutorial are:

I:  Keyword Research to find best keywords.

II: What is niche? & Best niches.

III: What is CPC? High CPC Keywords.

IV: Semrush – Famous SEO Tool


AdSense 101: What to Advertise using Google AdSense?

If you are already heard of Google AdSense, or at the very least interested in using it, chances of are that you already had the creation of website in mind. And well working on discover it to monetize it.

Perhaps you came upon this information by chance while working or researching other stuff. And now you want to get on the AdSense Train. Isn’t is wonderful? Yeah it is. 😛

You can make money by putting website to work for you. If you already have a website, what is it about?

Wait a while…! Did you read my previous guides on AdSense? Not yet?

Do Check it here:

AdSense 101: Getting Start with Google AdSense.

AdSense 101: Things you should know before setup Google AdSense.

Did you research a website subject before getting to work on it? And to know it, is your subject is a profitable niche? Is it a work of passion or a website about your favorite hobby?

If so, and you’re eager to submit it and start making money with AdSense, just wait!

Before doing so, check out this guide lines below:

If you’ve not created website yet, you’ve come on the right place. In this Tutorial guide, you’ll learn how to choose what to Advertise using Google AdSense site.

For those who have a website, you’ll learn how to optimize content to make it profitable. If you’ve decided about something that you’ll like to cover with your site. But you haven’t created one? You’ll learn the best tools and approaches to monetize your subject. And to discover how profitable your chosen subject can be.

For those of you who haven’t a website or an idea yet, or those who would like to pick a new subject, you’ll learn how to pick a niche & to find out how profitable it is.

Researching Keywords to pick appropriate niche:

  • First off, you should understand what “niche” “A niche is a specific segment in a market.” In your case, the subject that you choose to cover with your website is your niche.
  • For example, if you decide to talk about car audio, which is a specific segment in the automobile market that is your niche.
  • If there is already a niche that you’re passionate about the better. Because it’ll be easier to start AdSense advertising.
  • Now if you’re not into a specific and marketable niche, you’ll have to find it. Your advantages is you don’t have to discourage your niche, because it is profitable.
  • If you had one, now you can choose hot trendy niche from the very start.
  • Of course, by covering a very profitable niche, you’ll need to do something different with it. Because that means there are already lots of website talking about and competing for its money.
  • If you don’t have a niche to work with or if you would like try adsense with different niche, you can start with following two way research.

I: First look up “AdSense earnings” in your search engine of choice.

There are site on the web that specialize in gathering data from analytical websites.

In tools to determine what the most searched keywords are. The more a keyword searched, the higher a “Cost Per Click” weight is.

The “Cost Per Click (CPC)” rate is the average amount paid for every click on a specific ad. The more popular a niche is, the higher the amount paid for clicks on ads associate with it.

When you’re doing your research, make sure the data available is not over the two years.

Based on the most recent data available: the trendiest niches for which advertisers are paying the highest are:

1: health   2: Insurance   3: Celebrities   4: Technology   5: Viral content

II: After you choose your niche, you have to research what you’ll cover on your site in relation to said niche.

You can take the general round, for example talk about health news and you choose the health niche.

If you decided to something specific, like “diabetes care”, the best way to find trendy topics is to research it on social media. Use the Facebook search bar to type your keyword and check the top and the latest sections.

Now, its time to find out more specific information about your keywords. There are some very good keyword research services on the internet. That you can use to get the information on how your niche keywords are performing on search engines specially on Google.

You can start by using a tool called “Semrush”, simply enter you keyword in search box and check the results.

You’ll be able to check the important data: Like valuable Organic and Paid Searches, CPC distribution by countries, phrases matching your keywords and related keywords. From these, you’ll be able to see the search volume, and “Cost Per Click (CPC)”.

You can pick the best keywords and related keywords associated to your niche to use inside of adsense site. Also you’ll be shown organic search results. Which are the websites google shows when you enter those keywords.

However these different elements will be important when ultimately choosing which niche and keywords will be the best for you adsense website.

Final Words to say:

So this was the 3rd Tutorials of AdSense 101 Series. By which learnt about “What to Advertise using Google AdSense?” I tried my best to deliver the best info in this tutorials guide for AdSense 101 Series.

Still questions in mind? You’re most welcome in comment section to discuss with us. Please feel free to post your feedbacks in comment section. Share it as well, see you again,

Thanks You!

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