WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application

WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application
WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application
WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application
WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application

Learn WordPress to Mobile App By Converting your WordPress Website into Android Smartphone Application.

This flash course will take you through the short and simple procedure of turning your WordPress (or non-WordPress) site into a downloadable Android application. So after taking course you will be able to convert WordPress to Mobile App (WordPress Website into Mobile App)

What is a WebView application?

A WebView application is a native application system which can be downloaded from App Store and installed on devices. The term “WebView” implies that the application will open a viewer window which demonstrates your site content in it.

Why making an application for my site?

Let’s face honest, the world is going on mobile devices like smartphones. It’s been going versatile for a significant number of years now, and your site with quality stuff, is still “just” a site. It’s difficult to be extraordinary nowadays, you can discover various sites of any specialty/niche. And offering your readers to access your content through an application from your site. it is the right thing to do now so that you need to emerge in this world. Also Learn How to Rank Applications on Google Free App Store Optimization (ASO) Tutorials

Be that as it may, my blog readers can simply surf to my site from their cell phone! Genuine, however why not making things easier for them?

Imagine this: Someone saw a fascinating article in your site. He needs to demonstrate to it to a friend. He opens his mobile browser, sorts your site address and hunt down the article.

This process should be finished by your site readers EVERY TIME they need to access your site through their smartphones!

By offering them a downloadable application which will quickly send them to your site. You help them to contact you quicker and more effectively. All they need is simply tap on your application symbol!

In addition, this will help your brand as well. Imagine that your website icon will be in front of your followers’ eyes every-time they open their cell phones (and we both know what number of time that happens regular).

Will I need to redesign my site in 2 places? No 🙂

The WebView application you will make, acts like a mirror. It takes your site as-is and convert it in the application window. Thus, it’s generally up-to-date. So at whatever point you include a post, change a page, redesign your layout or include items – everything will be quickly upgraded in the application.

What else will my application do?

That is possibly the most essential part to learn. You will figure out how to include a push notifications feature. So when a post is there or simply need to report something it will help. You can send a push notification to all your App users and let them know quickly what’s new. This is an extraordinary approach to keep your clients and followers updated and keep your brand in their minds constantly.

Likewise, you will figure out how to execute AdMob in your application. So you can earn money from your application. It would be ideal if you take note of that you can’t utilize Google AdSense in a WebView application – you will need to utilize AdMob Adds.

You have no idea how to program, code or create apps? Then don’t worry about that: If you have a website, you can have a WebView App within a few hours by Learning WordPress to Mobile App: Turn your WordPress Website into Android Application.

Are there any Hidden Charges?

  • You must have to register as an Android developer on Play Store. Anyone who wants to publish apps in Google Play Store must register as a developer.
  • The process is much easy, it costs one-time fee of just 25$. Please note that this fee is mandatory to whoever wants to publish Apps on Play Store.
  • The 25$ fee is for creating as many apps as you want! So you only have to pay it once.

What precisely will I learn in this blaze course?

  • To start with, you’ll figure out how to create an Android developer account on Play Store.
  • After that, you will download Android Studio – which is the system we will work with. It will help to create apps and can be worked on PC and Mac.
  • Next you will create the application and configure it with WordPress website.
  • Next following step would be to add small code lines to your application. Once more, don’t stress in case you’re not a developer. It’s truly simple!
  • After that you will figure out how to include the push notifications feature. This procedure incorporates registering to a push service (free to use) and including a couple of more code lines.
  • Next, you will figure out how to execute your application with AdMob – Google’s Mobile Ads service.
  • At the End, last step would be to publish your App, obviously! 😀

It might require some time until your application will be accessible in the store, so while holding up. So you have learnt about WordPress to Mobile App: How to turn WordPress website into a Mobile App, That’s it for Now!

Happy Learning Earning J

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WordPress to Mobile App: Turn Your Website into Android Application

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