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For many people, including me, to get up early in the morning, especially in the winter season is very difficult to leave the bed.

Home alarm instead of putting responsibility on another person that you would awaken from sleep so it is less likely to cost. Some homes do not agree to wake up in the morning, then find out what the situation then?

So there I solve this problem by providing Russian developer’s Tool in the form of Mobile Applications Wakie App. It is a kind of social alarm clock, through which users can set their waking hours and the time to use them for any other application by the user will receive a call. If you set the alarm time, if another user is not awake a voice message will announce the application. Those who have stayed in the hotel to know about “wake up call”.

However, any other corner of the world to receive a call from a stranger feels very strange indeed. 😀 The application developer “Hrack Ajymyn” says minute conversation with a stranger in a 99 percent chance that your sleep will gone in no time, and the snooze button is also not present in Wakie App. Duration 1 minute 50 seconds after the call and will be warned that the early end of his talk.


It’s comforting to hear that the Wikie App or the phone number of the caller will be kept confidential and will call via the Internet and you have not to pay the extra charges. Through this service you can make new friends from all over the world and can set the alarm call to a friend.

Wiki is available for three major mobile operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. At present, approximately 15 million customers in 80 countries found that the number is increasing almost daily. This application to their smart phone can download from these links.

Share this beautiful & smart App to wake up early yourself as well as your friends. Keep in touch for future updates!

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