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What IT Professionals say about Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill


Hi, I warmly welcome you to this very special topic “What IT Professional say about Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016.” As news come from Islamabad, Senate Pass the Bill Unanimously. For more info and details check out this Link!

What’s the purpose of this article?

  • To tell people, what IT Professionals feel about this bill?
  • We would like to show our community about each and every thing regarding Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016.
  • We want a constructive development on this very special Cyber Security issues.
  • Positive debate on commons cyber-crimes in Pakistan.
  • To tell the authorities, what actually IT Professionals face issue while working online?
  • A tiny effort to get more secure cyber society in Pakistan.

Disclaimer Note:

It’s not necessary to agree with the views of other professionals via Our Bog Policy. As everyone have freedom of speech & right to express his/her feeling/expression according to Pakistan Constitution, read more!


What I think on Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016?

As mentioned earlier in purpose of this article section, this is a tiny effort to get secure cyber society in Pakistan.

So first of all I would like to appreciate Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016. Second thing, it’s very much important to have cyber laws to avoid misshapes & maintaining online security in a proper way. Although, there is some point in Bill which need to clarify in more advanced way.

By the time it’ll become more applicable, rather than nothing to have!

I suggest to the authorities behind this bill, Please take another review on Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016 to make it more applicable.

Best Regards!

Nasir Piya (Admin HowTk.Com)

So now here comes the Professional Party…! I’ve divided this article into different Sections. Each Section have its Professionals as well as beginners to equal the balance!

*** IT and Other Professionals Point of View ***

Ziauddin Zia (IT Director Gomal University Dera Ismael Khan):

I have diploma in computer forensics from USA. I have major objection on this bill that the crimes, mentioned in the bill, are actually conventional crimes where computer is only instrumental. Actual cyber-crimes are hacking, trapping computation, spying, intrusion to operating system, intellectual theft etc.

Our problem is that when we find any ill practice, associated with computer, we simply call it cyber-crime.

There are universal laws to deal with cyber-crimes. This bill does not target any of them.

Abdul Waheed (Cyber Security Professional):

First of all, thank you Nasir Piya for inviting me to give my views on Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill,

Let me tell you something that! Why we need to worry about cyber security as in this stage of the world, we all have smartphones! And things like that from which we can communicate to others in different ways! What if someone has access to your smartphone and that person is listening all your calls and read all your messages as a Middleman! What would you do? Well in past we don’t have laws to deal such kind of acts!

Most of the people think that this bill has no Freedom of speech, etc. – and every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression but what if someone has created a profile on Facebook with your name, pictures! And all the data? Again in past, we do not have any law to deal this kind of situations! So be positive here! We all deal such kind of problems every day! As we are working online so, we know what is better for us! Well yeah there is a need for some changes like according to the bill, you will not even be able to send out a mass text, e-mail or any such thing without explicit consent of the receiver

As Article 19 of the Pakistan Constitution says:

“Freedom of speech, etc. – Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press, subject to any reasonable restrictions imposed by law in the interest of the glory of Islam or the integrity, security or defense of Pakistan or any part thereof, friendly relations with Foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, 1 [commission of] or incitement to an offence.”

My advice is just do your work as you are doing before! If you are not doing any illegal activities on the internet, then there is no need to be worry! Well maybe in future there will be some changes in the bill, but overall this is good for us! Because the act of Parliament created the PTA, which means the powers vested in the PTA are to be granted through law!

If you understand Urdu and Hindi, then you must watch my webinar on “How to Be Secured While Using Internet” Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB-BtA8WB1U

Muhammad Haroon (Motivational Speaker, Career Coach):

According to me this bill is totally against freedom of speech at social sites and also again create a difference between poor & rich (Common man & government people). Although according to general law of Pakistan every citizens have right of freedom of speech. But the good side is no one used your personal information without permission

(Your photos) like before any one used anyone data. We as a nation need to learned ethics and respect for everyone but due to implementing of cyber law i hope many will learn. But stop freedom of speech is not a good sign .so official must see and change this act and give their first priority to give relaxation to common man not create more disturbance in their lives.

Cyber bill should be E- users friendly and people shouldn’t afraid from it so make it for People’s benefits and they are not afraid & annoyed from it but they also happy when these type law for imposed. According to me before implementing this type law government must do an online ref random among online community and discuss with them and mutually share everyone views because it’s everyone’s right .then will impose.

Yasin (Software Engineer):

Freedom of expression is vital element of society to raise the voice on the issues needed to be addressed. It also plays the part of whistle blower in the society to forewarn the individuals about the due threats. Social media is an integral platform to express the emotions, feelings, voices and opinions without being monitored and nabbed.
From the past few years, social media and internet becomes the focal point of the societies and reaching millions people in every corner. So cutting the long story short, society has become the victim of its own creation. Internet and social media at one hand providing the freedom of expression, connecting people of different religion, customs and culture. On the other hand security breach, hate speech, sectarianism, cyber terrorism, pornography and other explicit content has become a common practice.
To curb the cyber-crime, lawmakers of Pakistan came up with the detailed and thorough cyber-crime bill under which fraud, electronic forgery, cyber terrorism and spread of hate speech on the basis of sect, religion and ethnicity will be dealt with heavy fine up to 5 million and imprisonment of up to 14 years.
Similarly, harassing the women and innocent people through social media and child pornography will be penalized under strict laws passed in the cyber legislation 2016. Moreover the destruction of cyber infrastructure, use of viruses, identity theft are termed as crime in the legislation.
The legislation has been immensely criticized and cursed by the civil society, Tech veterans and IT specialists. They quoted this law as curbing the basic human rights and the freedom of expression and deploying heavy power in the hands of law enforcement agencies. On one side, where the safety and privacy of the internet user has been satisfied on the flip, constructive criticism and freedom of speech has been violated with vaguely defined crimes.

Syed Osama Naseem (Software Engineer):

This bill is against the freedom of expression. It seems Govt. will utilize it for their own purpose.
Right on the other hand, things like child pornography should be banned and the people involved in such cyber crimes, should get punishment

Adnan Jahangir (Network Administrator at Virtual University):

In my opinion Cyber-crime bill has snatched the right, freedom of expression. If anyone who is culprit then according to this bill rules you aren’t allowed disclose his reality.

Muhammad Azeem (Executive at WapeXp Software House):

It is good for our IT market…if cyber-crime bill will be passed by our parliament….if there would be strict attics in our online business if would create greater trust level from the buyer all over the world to buy our services and platform google AdSense YouTube will give our IT experts good rewards too.

Ahtsham Jutt (CEO AskForHosting):

I am not understanding the login behind this bill, how one can pass a bill like this without thinking its side effects. It clearly seems, politicians are trying to save their own asses rather than concerning about what this bill will / can cause for a normal user.

Like if you touch someone’s cell phone without their permissions and your intentions aren’t something fishy or harmful, still you can go behind the bars? So anyone can misuse this point and can file a case against anyone just to fulfill their agenda?

Furthermore, about mocking the politicians, like they want to control everything. And everyone knows about what happens when someone wants to control everything. First they hijacked the Print and Electronic media, and now they want to control the social media as well? Such actions can lead to increase in hatred against the Govt.

One more point to be ponder, bill was passed anonymously by the senate without disclosing it with members of NA and taking or getting any advice from the Social Media Experts or Related Ministers or Experts, Law Makers.

So Most of the common people are unaware of the any single term of the bill that can lead to misuse of the bill and can cause plenty of issues for a normal common man. And it will effect a common man directly as all the punishments are very harsh for even very small and simple mistakes.

Sultan Sunny (Network Engineer at NTU):

This bill is really amazing and hope that it will minimize and stop all the possible cyber-crime which are in trend now a days. And through which lot of people are being harassed.  I am happy to hear that and lot of lives will be secured with this cyber-crime bill.

Waseem Hassan Seikh (Popular Producer/Director):

I don’t know much about Cyber Security, but I must say there should be a justice in every filed of life. Then crime will automatically eliminate from our country.

*** What Online Marketers Say? ***

Ali Raza (Digital Marketing Expert):

The approval of the bill clearly explains the awareness and education of our parliamentarians on the subject, while having a proper bill passed was the need of the hour but it still looks like that many of the points were decided in hurry and the bill has certain points which describes it as immature.

Syed Muhammad Awais Zaidi (Digital Marketer):

Well I am in the support of bill and against of the implementation authorities. If you talk  about  bill  it’s  really  a  good  bouquet of Words and Rules but when we talk about  implementation  than question is about  implementation authorities  what  are  their  interest  ?  Are they really willing to implement in real essence or they will manipulate it?

Tabish Javed (Digital Marketer):

With Increasing of Social media Interest among People of Pakistan it is necessary to keep them safe from Cyber-attacks and privacy violation. If you read Cybercrime Law carefully you will understand that Cybercrime law is not only will help people to keep their privacy intact but also keep their social appearance safe.

I have seen a lot of popular page sharing women pictures with NSFW titles and violating a common Person Privacy which is totally un-acceptable in my point of view.

I also have notice a lot of women are being harassed, Blackmailed and threatened because of their real or digitally edited Pictures. Now after Cyber-crime Law I am very confident that we can put privacy violators behind bars.

Many peoples are trying to tie it with politics or showing that Government is doing to save themselves from criticism which is not good. Cyber Crime Law is Need of today’s Era you will understand it better if you apply it on yourself it gives you your privacy rights which are needed.

Umar Farooq (Internet Marketer):

I don’t see a lot of news covering this “Cyber Crime” thing in TV or on social media nowadays. But, I am really impressed even by the IDEA of doing this in Pakistan. At least they KNOW what Cyber Crime and all that stuff is.

This is why I appreciate this step of Government of Pakistan. That’s all I have to say on this for now…

*** Developers Point of View ***

Ahmad Awais (WordPress Core Developer):

I have not had a chance to review the changes in our new Cyber Crime bill. But yes, I have some thoughts about it, which I’d love to share.

One thing that puts me off right at the beginning is that people who know nothing about IT & Cyber niche are making decisions on behalf of us. This is the worst thing about the new Cyber Crime Bill.

If anyone knows something, no one knows what was the criteria for their selection? Which is unfair to every single one of us?

Moreover, while having laws around cyber-crime is great, there is one significant factor which can lead to a huge number of problems. That is malicious intent. People with malicious intent would be able to bend this bill to their will. We need to address that. We need to have IT Courts; run by folks with a particular set of skills in IT.

Just take Delaware State in the US for an example. The government is consistently ignoring the IT sector. Fintech industry is 20 years behind from just about any other country. There is no PayPal, and no efforts are being put forward to bring services like these for people in IT circles.

We are supposed to pay taxes and follow the laws built by folks who know nothing about IT and in return we are supposed just to sit around and wait for exactly nothing to happen. Careful there, I am not a cynic, I am talking about ground realities here.

Building IT towers doesn’t really help small IT business owners. While there is a lot being done for business ideas which are in the startup phase, nothing is being done for small IT business owners. It’s like once you have a business, you’re hung out to dry. That has to change!

RH Hassan (Web Developer):

Pakistan cybercrime bill has huge gasp, and it raises free speech questions, it can also be abused and misused against any member of our society including activists, businesses, and individuals or in the academic sector.

The bill has some good points too like “sending spam messages and irritating other for marketing purposes. It’s a good thing because in Pakistan lots of so called marketing companies doing this kind of shitty businesses nowadays.

Ahmad Raza Mughal (Web & Android Developer):

Yes it’s great Act if they will do it with honestly.

Syed Muhammad (Web Developer/Blogger):

I think This Cyber-crime bill is not applicable and not according to constitution of Pakistan, because our Constitutions said “FREEDOM OF SPEECH TO EVERY PERSON” and social media allow us to share our views on anything, some parts are good in this bill which we should follow, which is using abusive language to other religions believer, and black mailing someone these some point are good in this bill which help peoples to remain save, but this bill can’t snatch freedom of speech.

Shahzad Brohi (Designer/Programmer):

The main thing is implement. If it is applied or not? If yes then it will be beneficial for stopping the increasing rate of cyber-crime. If not then it is nothing but just a piece of paper of bill.

And one thing more, it is not a pure bill there must be a commission or team to discuss and handle it. There is tons of cases not solved by FIA.

Faheem Abbas Baloch (Web Developer/Blogger):

It’s a democratic country and freedom of speech is the right of every citizen. In the form of cyber-crime to stop people from their right is absolutely wrong. And in this IT era there is a lot more to do in this field but they are applying more restrictions.  I condemn it.

Qamar Ul Din Hamza (Web Developer/Programmer):

I think this bill is not passed to protect cyber. This is protecting some black sheep’s. There only some point I think that are technical but the whole bill is protecting our countries politicians and wolfs.

In this bill they take every point that will be dangers for them in future. They also tell that no one show or publish about the off sure companies of anyone. It shows that they have and they fear about it.

I think only 20-30% points are technical in it and we need these points to secure and clean our cyber network. But 70 to 80% points I think are political points and they protecting wrong people. And now they haven’t fear about any illegal activity because they are protected in cyber security. They take a block on the mouth of those people they expose them.

But some people can’t leave to expose them because they force the people to break the rule. Some things are good but many things are not good. So as a Pakistani we can follow these rules. If we can’t like a rule then follow it. Go to top and change it. I requested to newbies that they follow these rules and come to top and then change it. Don’t break the rule.

*** Professional Bloggers/Vloggers Concern ***

Abdul Wali (Professional Blogger & Udemy Instructor):

Hi, as far as I’ve read the bill in the media, it’s a bit beyond the expectations. Too much hype and irrelevant fines. Cyber laws do exist in most of the countries, but they are very appropriate and understandable. However, if these laws are implemented with full force then still we’ll have a good impact on the society. And I conditionally support these new laws. It’ll have a good impact on the society.

Tanvir Nandla (Professional Blogger & Entrepreneur):

In every developed country, laws are written for the betterments of its people.

It’s a crime to stare at anyone angrily in Europe and this law is enforced to protect their citizens against any discrimination. This is why people in developed countries tend to focus on work more with peace of mind. Now, you can see them ruling the world almost in all aspects of life.

There were English régime in sub-continent for almost 100 years or so. They made laws to rule with power. When India and Pakistan got independence, same laws were implemented with little or no amendments.

If we talk about Pakistan, After 60s era, these laws were started being used by the men in power to protect their supremacy. The laws which were made to protect common citizen’s rights were ignored and never implemented with good faith while other laws were implemented forcefully.

Now if we talk about cyber security law, this will put a full stop to artistic dimensions of creative people.

Let me tell you how.

In Pakistan, this is a basic right of every citizen of Pakistan to have shelter, food, health and quality education by govt. Do u see this implemented???

Common citizen is degraded in almost all govt. institutions. Where is common citizen’s rights and laws about them?

Pakistan FIA’s n3rc dept. is supposed to tackle cybercrimes. Count me how many complaints they took action on?

Last month, my student was scammed online and contacted n3rc through all means (phone, email, website complaint form) but action was never taken.

So now, cyber-crime law is nothing but to protect supremacy of kings of Pakistan. We will warmly welcome this law if implemented with honest intentions. Govt has to convince cyber world that it won’t be used just to hide and protect corruption and bad governance of party in power.

What govt. wants to achieve through this bill?

Shouldn’t we speak against brutal killing of pregnant women in Model town Lahore?

They want to silence the only independent media, the social media while print and electronic media has been sold into the hands of different entities in the country.

Shouldn’t we speak against kidnapping of thousand innocent children?

Shouldn’t we speak against the mega corruption scandal which was exposed by Panama leaks?

Ok, silent all Pakistanis and let this country become a crowd of senseless animals.

Hassam Ahmad Awan (Professional Blogger):

I would like to say a line about it which says it all:

“Does the bill allow us to voice our opinions about the bill? Ops! Am I going to jail now? I would say, it’s a collision of bandits, passing a bill to protect their ‘right’ to lute the nation. Calm down! We deserve them! Just use your right of vote wisely next time, the least I could plea.”

Tanveer Zafar (Professional Blogger):

I think it will bring a new revolutionized way to use internet. Although it is a cage for bloggers other entrepreneurs but a new way to use www.

Hamza Sheikh (Professional Blogger):

So, what do I think about Cyber Crime Bill.

Being a blogger, Cyber Crime Bill is not in our favor. It is a cheap solution to digital problems we face. It is the most natural way of people in Pakistan to deal with problems. They like to shut or mute something, instead of planning or executing something useful.

Cyber Crime Bill will only push more negativity to Pakistan’s international image. It should be named as Censoring Bill.

Muhammad Ismail (Professional Blogger & Public Speaker):

Irritating messages, sharing images without consent, creating a website for “negative” purposes? These problems are very tiny. This state has failed on normal laws like one can’t murder other human in the name Of religion Caste and honor killing etc. the draftspersons of this bill seem to have forgotten that there are some inalienable rights given to a Pakistani citizen and that no law violating them can be passed. It is important that we as citizens identify and understand the problems with this bill, and not stand by while it is in the process of being enacted. Apart from that good thing is this law will quite help full to halt extremism, sectarianism and anti-Pakistan movement on social media. Kill the bill but keep the good part.

Muhammad Usman Rashid (Blogger/Vlogger & Freelancer):

I want to express my feelings on the latest Cyber Crime Bill passed by our illiterate and uneducated bogus representatives of Pakistan. As an IT expert I feel that this bill has only political approach to prevent the Holy Cows from Criticism. Along with that I would like to give few points which are worth mentioning.

  1. If I take a selfie in public and someone claim that I am in this picture and it is wrong, he/she can get me into the jail and other consequences.
  2. If there is a Wi-Fi Hotspot present at any Cafe or Hotel, if someone uses that internet wrong for his/her own purposes, the owner of that cafe will be responsible, how disgusting?
  3. Hate Speech is a good move but that have included the criticism for the betterment in the hateful speech/content.
  4. Any meme of Political leaders can cause serious problems to the artist who makes it.
  5. the most important thing that Freedom of Expression is undermined with this bullshit Cyber Crime Bill.

I have many things to say and express but you know I am reserved to be in limits and at that time many things have gone from my mind due to the anger and all that. I hope that you might have got what I wanted to say. Will surely be in touch with you.

Muhammad Umer Prince (Professional Blogger):

Amazing, I even don’t know about that bill before your message, and what I see is totally a bad image for cyber world in Pakistan.

At online world we should’ve the freedom for everything we do and we see or read, its our happiness and authority to have a free life with internet at-least. For example: A fine of up to PKR 0.5 million on creating a site for negative purposes. What? What you call negative? Now anyone can blame you with just a website you’ve created to increase mindset of nation by exposing news about politicions or other celebs who do the wrong things.

I and you all know there are many web-masters who have created some porn blogs/sites and many other bad websites which can harm humanity and kids.

But what if one could not express his feelings (real feelings).

Now we even can’t say a word about Nawaz sharif or other crrupt persons. I just want this bill to be re-checked and please I request to authorities that close this bill with limits like:

1. Punish when someone creates a bad webiste or online tool which can scam people
2. Punish when someone makes a bad news or spread something is not good like murder of Qandeel (the guy should be punished)
3. Punish them who sents the messages like ‘congrats you got the 25,000 from BISP’
4. Punish when people leave bad comments on their parents statuses not celebs

And first of all where is the team who can select the persons to punish them with correct reason.

All I can see is this is a bill with just easyness of our GOVT to punish any person by showing cyber crime activity.

I am agree with this bill just 30% and disagreed with 70% mind.

Adeel Sami (Professional Blogger):

First of all, it was much needed to impose some sort of restriction on the usage of the internet in Pakistan as it had become so common to mock, label and entitle people through many means.

And for us, it is really not a thing to be afraid of until and unless we are using the internet professionally. We are the teachers working online; to educate the people from our own country and outside too.

As long as there’re no point of political, religious, etc. are involved in what we do online, we are good to go. We should freely promote ourselves online. And I welcome Cyber Crime bill!

Shahzaib Shafi (Professional Blogger):

Thank You so much Nasir. It’s being really pleasure for me to have some words on Cyber Crime Bill 2016 In Pakistan which recently approved by Senate and Controversial Prevention of Electronics Crimes Bill 2016 by NA with around 50 amendments proposed to the original draft law. I personally love this sort of discussion. Thanks again for the chance. I also believe that every Internet User must should know and follow the bill.

Being an I.T. Professional and Internet Marketer, I can say confidently that this is what I was looking for from a year as I’d experienced and heard about different cyber-crimes and I thought that these crimes should stop. By the way this is really something impressive and one of the best action I’ve ever seen in cyber world, which should be done before but late better than never.

This is also true that bill has been criticized by the many civil societies and groups working on rights, as per their perspectives, this is all about stopping people from freedom of speech and expression, they have right to say and raise their voice against wrong politicians and corrupt people, which now no one will dare to if they took actions in real means because passing bill is not an act to do but what is mentioned in bill, should be done and jailed those people who will break the laws.

I hope the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016 will really apply.

Let me come to the point and topic, for the cause I am here.

According to my weak knowledge and analyzing power. Now “If” the laws apply and do it in right sense as well as honestly then we will no more have to see hate speeches, whether it’s about Leaders, Politician, Government, Religion or Sects etc. Now our Political Leaders will not say a word against one another in conference, speeches and no rally, no march, no dharna, no strike , Did I mention normal or ordinary people?

Another good thing to see in bill, you will get rid of Fake Social Media Profiles and we will get only real… if you know what I mean 😀 Well, I am wishing to know how will they detect? I guess hard to do… No? Will Facebook does disclose IPs and if yes then where are our Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy with Facebook? What about VPNs? I don’t know much about this but I wish if someone help me to understand.

I also heard about online money transferring to support terrorist will be jailed, right? I am crazy to know how they will get to know whether receiver is a terrorist or not?

Now, please don’t message me all the time, it can irritates me and you know I can report you 😉 I also removed my E-mail list, may be one could report me for sending emails to promote something.

We will be safe from hacking or I can say hackers. We will miss some websites which were made for negative purpose (by Pakistani’s).

I am really happy by the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016. I really appreciate. Now we are safe … Yeeeaah!

Now there will be peace… wait, wait, what about blasphemous law? Any amendment on that? Will those groups and pages will be removed from Facebook and websites, which we are reporting because of religious attacks?

Electronic Cyber bill, right? Is Electronic Media a part of it? I read something about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_media For instance, we can’t upload video and images what about electronic media? Will they ask for permission? Haha did they ask from PEMRA ever before live conference? TV stations can say on air without interference from PEMRA but we can’t on social media? Just Awesome!

Well, FIA Cyber Crime Cell Peshawar arrests a man for harassing a woman on Facebook with Fake ID. It’s really amazing to see, I am delighted. He must be newbie, there are many experts out there who can do better without leaving footprints and I wish if they get arrested too.

Some good points that I would like to mention here.

* A person can’t touch mobile, laptop without his/her permission. Sorry for Families specially husband and wife.

* A person will have to publish or share information with source, I guess.

* You will not receive irritating messages….

* No discussion on wrong or right, may be you are saying right but for others that could be hatred or wrong.

* You can take selfies and don’t worry no one will publish means nobody will get to know. Also may be none will able to blackmail by saying I’ll publish your pics.

* You can get inside someone’s privacy which means, No cracks tools and nulled software anymore. That’s really good to know, trust me.

I think I need to research more by my own if they are not going to clear my some points and answer my some of the questions

Well, literally I am just a kid and no very little and gave my point of views on bill. I can be wrong too. If I am wrong then instead of reporting about me, please enhance my knowledge, I’ll change my mind. If I said something really wrong then apology 🙂

Nabeel Shoro (Professional Blogger & Teacher):

In my point of view. This bill is only trying to stop our social media freedom, social media and other websites where we can express our pain feelings and emotions. Now it is blocked (if we talk and post any real feeling against any politician or any other person, they will fine us). So now all will be free and nobody would dare to point finger on them.

Abdul Samad Essani (Professional Blogger):

It will bring change in the era of Internet for sure, I love that you have to pay 50million or you’ll be punished for 14 years if you against their laws… Huh!

Everybody want their own privacy while using Internet but nowadays everyone is making fake ID’s and using other Mother, Sisters Pics, Copying other statuses etc.

I love this cyber-crime bill because it’s really helpful for us! But if you’re doing anything wrong then prison is waiting for you! So you have to be careful for everything.

No one is gonna spam, as many people are spamming nowadays and irritating people but now you have to pay 1 million if you do spam. My advice to you is stop spamming right now!

Memes can fine you of same price as spam means 1 million. And if you are hater of our PM and post any pic about then you have to pay 1 million too!

Hacking is also not gonna help you now, if you hack government site then you have to pay 50 million fine and you can be prisoner for almost 14 years!  So you have to be careful in every aspect in using Internet!

Jabran Ali (Vlogger):

I don’t think so it will be successful in our community.

The LAW is so stupid in my opinion, We Pakistani people like me can’t afford laptop of 15 thousand how can we afford Genuine software of 20-30 thousands???

What our stupid media can say live without interference from PEMRA, if someone uploads a video of it it’s illegal under this law… Can anybody explain me this line means? Illegal use of internet data will cost three years jail & Rs1 million fine.

So I think we will got punished now?????

Nadir Yaqoob (Professional Blogger):

It was presented in Pakistani parliament 2 days ago… it was passed with zero resistance from political parties…. but on social media people are resisting with high rage due to making people bounded.

Abdul Haseeb (Professional Blogger):

I think Cyber bill is a good thing. Pakistan has many people who doing spamming and scamming online. Western people don’t trust on Pak due to these type of people.

We’re also having good people in Pakistan, but these people are facing problems due to the bad ones in the country.

Second thing Cyber Bill is a good idea. But, maintaining this idea is more important than creating it. If no one will care about this thing then it’s just like a dead elephant. You know what I meant.

*** SEO Experts Concern about Bill ***

Zahid Iqbal (Professional Blogger & SEO Expert):

We can’t build foundations of a successful state without rules and laws but unfortunately this is “Watan-e-Aziz “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. We live in a country where laws are always made for misuse. Just look around; authorities are abusing government writ on each and every level. I believe there are so many loopholes in this specific Cyber Crime Bill even PUNJAB POLICE are not capable and well trained for such delicate implementations. The cybercrime bill is going to bang or hang so many innocents. So get ready for the worst consequences of the writ.

Muhammad Faizan Khan (SEO Expert & Instructor):

I consider cybercrime bill 2016 the best step towards saving innocent internet users. Its need was there in Pakistan since the usage of internet and website development. It will not only save users from scam and identity theft but will also contribute in promotion of website developers and internet markets. It is a step ahead towards prospering internet earnings in Pakistan. As an expert, it will help my students and people like me in using the internet for our own benefit safely.

Imran Jaffery (SEO Expert):

According to me this bill is “Lock on Freedom” of Pakistan’ citizens. Government of Pakistan is always unfriendly as the government has pushed Pakistanis to the black world. And they are not missing a single a chance to push Pakistanis to the backward era.

There are thousands of problem in country and this government is not paying attention to those problems. While engaging simple and innocent Pakistanis to those legislation and waste precious time of nation.

I agree with problems related to cyber-crime, but the government will have to make some amendments in this bill. So that we can help the govt to stop violations or crime in cyber world.

There are some points in this bill I agree with, like points on spamming, offence against dignity of natural person, tampering of communication equipment and more.

There are some stronger and strict laws in United Arab Emirates, USA and UK regarding cyber-crime control. But those laws are also public friendly. This law must be implemented properly as we really need a control on cyber-crime, but with some amendments. As there are many points that are not in favor of Pakistani youth especially for IT professionals or entrepreneur like me.

*** Freelancer’s Point of View ***

Waqas Ahmed (Freelancer/Blogger):

In my view these rules are just first step, everything in start does not perfect, so in this case as well. It will improve by time.

But yes if you look closely some points look illogical and giving favor to government. There should be a way or rules that also define: what is real mistakes from online persons for every rule to get this Fine or Jail…..?

And I also found some rules are necessary like the sales person involving in issuing seems illegally.

With that let’s see………….

Murad Khan (Freelancer):

Cyber Law is a joke for few people, relate it to politics and not giving much value to it. But when we read its clauses then we feel its importance. Just think for a while, if you infected cyber-attack, or you got hack your ID, Personal Data, or PC hacked, some one share your personal pictures anything related to your privacy, got scam, then what will be your reaction?

Then you’ll need law to punish those hackers or scammers. I’ve been using internet for last five years. And in my whole online career I tried to demand this law.

Every type of people have come to internet now, criminal mentality people have access to the Internet. There they have spread their criminal networks. Social media sites are common in looting, rape, crimes such as black mailing common now.

And not just here, when there is now law, then a common man also think of some illegal as no one is going to catch him. However, some provisions of the cyber laws have objected to some people. But this bill was only passed in early and quickly. This number will hopefully improve with time.

Owais Sultan (Freelancer):

Cyber-crime bill in a way is good because it will restrict people from sharing anything on the internet during the recent years there has been a lot of crap material shared over the web so that can be reduced. But, on the other hand like the Pakistani culture has been the law should be full proof otherwise many innocent people can face consequences of this. Moreover, should be clear and clearly conveyed to every Pakistani through media and other mediums.

Omer Khan (Freelancer & eBay Seller):

It really wouldn’t and doesn’t fit anywhere between professionals. But what I have read it heard about it, gets me worried. In Pakistan such laws will not be any help in stopping those crimes but would definitely make many victims.

Mian Amir (Freelancer):

I would say. It is a great act if they are going to implement. But I think they just want to warn people. They’ll never implement.

My Final Words are they are just Defending Current GOVT Because Many People are doing Hate Speech against Main Sahib just Because of their Shitty Acts.

Ahmed Kamal (Freelancer):

Working as a Freelancer my view about Cyber Crime Bill is it is a good step to make online earning in Pakistan risk-free.

Now a days a huge problem a newbie face is scamming in the online world. With this Cyber Crime Bill a person can easily file a report against it and can get his/her money back. So people will start to trust on online earning and it will help to promote online earning & freelancing in Pakistan.

Although this bill have some restrictions that everyone will face, but I am seeing this bill in a positive perspective & this is going to help a newbie to trust and to start his/her career in the online world.

Zaria Ghurair (Freelancer):

Well it is somehow needed to regulate social media and cyber-crime bill in Pakistan is quite different like they are trying to regulate freedom of speech. To be honest i don’t think this will be effective.

Tayyab Saqlain Zakki (Freelancer):

My view about this bill is that it has more negative impact as compared to positive impact on our society. Since the law agencies especially police is not much aware about the IT.

So they will not know how to get this law implemented. Also many people are not much aware about the social media and how to use it, so this will be disastrous. We much educate our masses before implementing such laws.


Final Words to say:

At the end of this topic, I must say there should be laws in any country. But the most important thing is that,

How these laws treat humanity?

How they protect their nation?

How a common man can get fruitful benefits?

So having laws is not enough, but implementation in right way is most important as well. And on this ending note, I’d like to close this debate.

Thank you so much for your precious time being with me. Its humble request to share this article on social media for positive awareness, as it may help our Cyber Security!


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