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Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites


Hi all, this is HowTk.Com Free course section and today we’ve come with another amazing super star udemy course free for you guys. Yeah we’re talking about Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites. As instructor made this course for $40 and give 30 days’ money back guarantee. But if you’re not able to pay this fee, then we’re going to provide it free course to learn.

Why Web Development should be your career?

Yup, this is the right question which needs to be answered with clarity. So the answer is:

As world growing in term of population and the demand of technology also increased. Websites create huge amount of business potential for the whole world. You can take social media as an example for now. Especially Facebook changed the whole business thing and turned campaigns from offline to online. So every business needs his online representation these days. And the industry of web development is growing with such great opportunities.”

Inside Complete Web developer Course:

This complete free course have well-structured from basic to advance level. If you’ve some knowledge about basics of web development, then fine. But if not, no need to worry as the instructor of this course will teach you from very much basic and will help to become pro developer.

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Technologies you’ll learn from this free course on Web Development are given below:

  • Learn HTML- Basics to the complete language.
  • CSS (Cascading style sheet) with designing web pages from scratch.
  • JavaScript language to create dynamic web pages in your web projects. How it works and the very basic to advance level thing will be there in free course.
  • What is jQuery, how it works to animate the pages. In this section of jQuery, you will create a code player project for better understanding.
  • For responsive web design, there is a frame work available in market called bootstrap. You’re going to learn this amazing frame work and see how mobile friendly web pages can be created with ease.
  • WordPress is a popular CMS, which is used for every type of web creation now these days. You can do blogging with WP and create website with drag and drop options. This is more cool, which out any coding stuff, yeah I know… 😀
  • PHP used to create dynamic web pages. This is open source language and easy to learn. You will learn basic to advance level PHP by taking Complete Web Developer Course.
  • MySQL is a data base technology used to store dynamic web pages info into the data bank on the server online. You also learn this language, and will see how data is being stored into database.
  • You’ll learn API, how Google API works with different languages to create beautiful applications. Google and twitter API will be included in this Complete Web Development Course to learn.
  • Mobile app designing and development section has added in the end of this course. So don’t miss it after learning web technologies as a gift.
  • So in the end, there is super gift will waiting for you, how to earn $10,000 while learning coding the full eBook in PDF. This is amazing stuff. Must check it in the end.


Download: Complete Web Developer Course: Build 14 Websites

[sociallocker id=607]

https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0Bw5jU-IDyXM5S3hQRkRMVG53cFE (Part-1)

https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0Bw5jU-IDyXM5ZWtTdGxyZXNBeWM (Part-2)

https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0Bw5jU-IDyXM5ZVB3emhHVHVtVE0 (Part-3)


If there will be an error while downloading, then simple solution is given below, checkout and enjoy learning coding.

How to fix Problem Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time On Google Drive

Step 1: Change uc?id= to open?id=

Step 2: Add the file to your drive

Step 3: Make a copy

Step 4: Download copy file

Final Words to say:

Learning coding is an amazing experience, you’ll see how pages works dynamically, how responsive design works in front of you. This think is most important is your interest, how you going to dealing things in life. If coding is your passion, then this course is meant for you. Be passionate about you goals in life and do hard work. That’s the way to go and more forward, which leads to success.

Feel free to post your comments below, we’ll love to reply back. Also share it with your friends to help them to become pro web developer. As sharing is caring. Thanks!

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