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Top Games which Makes your Kids Mind Sharp


Hi, After a long time, i have come with: “Top Games which Makes your Kids Mind Sharp“. Games are mostly played for fun and entertainment, but there are some games that can even sharpen the mind of your children. These games can either be categorized as puzzle solving or mind games and are among the most popular genre of android games.  In fact, the genre is continuously changing with android developers looking for new and exciting ways to tease our brains. Here is a list of our top mind games on Android.


Atomas is one of the top mind games based on scientific reasoning. The game is about building valuable elements such as platinum, gold and silver through combination of atoms. It may sound complicated but the game is simple in nature. You just have to put together same numbered atoms. However, the key is to build symmetric patterns to combine multiple atoms at once.

Atomas has a lot of similarity with another popular game, Threes.  The game does not use any timers to put pressure on players. Your own high score is motivating enough to keep you playing it for countless hours. This is why, it holds the number one spot in our list of top mind games.

Current Flow

Current flow is another mind game that uses concepts of science. The game is about lighting up bulbs by completing circuits. Tap on tiles to rotate electric tubes for building a complete circuit. After a circuit is complete, the bulb lights up automatically. Current Flow reminds many adult players of another game called Pipe dreams, but only requires the right positioning to achieve its goal.

The game starts off quite easy but gets difficult after you pass the first 5 levels. The advanced levels can not be completed in a single attempt and this is what makes Current Flow as one of the popular top mind games.

Freaking Math

Freaking Math as the name suggests is about guessing the right maths equations. The game only allows 2 seconds to tick a math equation right or wrong. You have to get as many equations correct as possible in a row. Though the equations are always simple in nature, it is the timer which will put pressure on you to often go for the wrong choice such as “1+2=4” and will make you play it again.

The game is easy but difficult at the same time. Without the timer, it is just a basic math game.  The game provides a good mind exercise for children and is a reason why it is included in our list of top mind games for android.

Orbit Jump

Orbit Jump is one of the brain teasing games that depends on timing.  Time your jumps to get to another orbit at the right time. The rotation and varying size of orbits while avoiding obstacles along the way makes Orbit Jump an exciting and challenging game for everyone. The levels also get difficult as you make progress. The advanced levels make it nearly impossible to move to the next orbit.  You can also play the game with other players but need to get on top of the leaderboards first. The response timing of this game makes it one of the most interesting and top mind games available on Android.


The top mind games listed above are a great way to enhance either your own or kid’s mind. Except orbit jump, all the above-mentioned games use scientific concepts to sharpen minds while also providing  the required entertainment. Feel free to share with us about your experience of playing these 4 top mind games!

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