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What is CMS Open Source? Types and their Functionality?

Hi all! I hope you will at safer side of life and doing jobs very well. Today I am going to introduce a web based tool which bring very much easiness in our life. If you are already know about CMS, then its good! But if not! Read this article carefully.

CMS is a Content Management System based on PHP. It’s a very useful tool, which allows any user to post content, edit, share, delete and do much more things in simple way. Most of the CMS are open source and anyone can use them free of cost easily.

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Some of Very Famous CMS are given below:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magneto

WordPress the Blogging king:

There is no doubt by saying that WordPress is the king of blogging almost 90% of bloggers used WordPress to set up their online websites & blogs. It’s so user friendly & understandable that everyone can use it. Tons of WordPress themes are available at cheap price and mostly available free of cost. Just you should know the name of required theme and google it with keyword free, you will see thousands of site give it free. 😀 For free Premium WordPress Themes Check out Our Website:www.newustaad.com

Joomla the Monster of Web:

Yup! It’s really interesting to say The Monster of Web, it has reason, and Joomla organization claims that their CMS Open Source is trusted by Millions Online worldwide. Now if need to get strong back end of your site like admin panel & security they provide, then trust on Joomla with close eyes. :p

They means it to say, Joomla is not a simple CMS but its award winning web application provide the facility of content management for websites.Get free Joomla Template free from this link: www.newustaad.com

Drupal the Highly Modular Online:

Drupal is an organization developed their CMS open Source under GPL which means anyone can use it at no cost. If you are going to build any kind of web based portal, corporate sites or ecommerce websites then choose Drupal it will help you in term of management of content relevant to desired filed. Want to get Drupal Themes free? Check our site here: www.newustaad.com

Magneto the e-commerce Master:

This CMS Open Source is specially developed of ecommerce filed. & millions of ecommerce sites used Magneto for better facility of management. Use Magneto for online stores, online shopping sites and any kind of ecommerce application.

CMS Vs Core PHP What Should We do?

If you are web developer and want to use any of CMS of client work then just make sure about the requirements of customer. Ask your client for better services in future that he/she want to extend his/her business in future, if he/she says Yes! Then use Core PHP (Develop website in custom PHP), No CMS should be used in this case. If No! Then use any of CMS according to client’s requirements.

That’s it from here! I hope you will appreciate work on CMS research and will do some Notice on that point which I raised in CMS vs Core PHP section. Please share this post for our help!



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