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How I Use Facebook for Business to get Clients? [Case Study]


Assalam o Alikum & Hi. First of all I would like to welcome you here in my 2nd case study “How I Use Facebook for Business to get Clients”. This is pretty much my own experience and I hope you’ll going to find some quality info. So read full article briefly and follow the instructions as well.

The first one was about AdSense you can check it here! How I got Google AdSense Approved after Rejection [Case Study]”

Facebook Social Media king:

Yeah no doubt about this sentence at all. Over recent years FB has just rolled out social media status and become no#1 social interaction for world. It has changed our normal life as much digital. People love to share their happy moments in photos, videos and messages. In sorrow time, online community will be there to give moral support to victims as well.

Facebook for Business?

As FB population increasing day by day, 😀 your chance of getting huge business also going high. But the problem is to identify what’s wrong with us while using Facebook just for fun, But not for business? This is really strange naa… LOL 😀

Now let’s talk about what are business opportunities over Facebook?

  • Over billions of people uses Facebook daily or monthly basis. Some of them are technical, some of non-Professional, and some of FB phobia like me. 😀
  • By advertising your product on Facebook will give you huge benefits in term of sales or revenue.
  • Building strong relation with online community is always helpful in business growth in this technological era.
  • Finding potential customers/clients made so easy by facebook for you, like just one click away.
  • Better communication now possible via facebook call option. This feature is dam cool working for me 😛 test yourself as well.

My Strategy/Plan Using Facebook:

Here some of my Strategy OR Plan which I personally use on facebook going to reveal in front of you. Like How I Use Facebook for Business to get Clients.

  1. Finding Relevant People of your interest:

This is so important to connect those people who have taste like you, who have likes and dislikes like you, who have profession like you. By this you’ll see about your actual social status while communicating those people. You’ll see improvements in social activity just by seeing other professionals.

Let’s take an Example: Joseph is a simple man, who like to read books, read articles, goes outside for visit or love to hear others problems and try to sort out solution for them.

What he can get on facebook? Do you know about this aspect of social media? Not yet? Ok let me go through more details:

Joseph can get potential clients by helping others, giving some valuable advice, recommending something etc. he can also serve community by giving quality stuff.

  1. Making Good Relation with Others:

Making good relationships help you to be a better professional step by step. In this way, you get help from other pros, after that someday others need your suggestion. That is the point to be consider here.

Even I use to chat with my friends over facebook over and over. I know it’s time consuming stuff, but in a long term I collect huge benefits. Wither it may be my clients, my colleagues, my followers.

What I learned at this step? Sharing FREE Info, participate others small happiness, give moral support to sad one’s, help needy people, ne humble at every step. I become more popular while doing all these stuff. You guys can also do it. 😀

  1. Believe in Knowledge Sharing:

Knowledge sharing doesn’t means you have to be a scholar, not at all. Just be honest while doing it. By sharing info, you’ll be noticed by huge community over groups, pages and friends of friends. Means Online personal marketing is now in your hand juts because of facebook.

You even don’t believe how much positive responsive I get after publishing my 1st case study on Google AdSense. It was just my own experience no other technical stuff.

  1. Always give Value to FB Community:

Giving value doesn’t mean pay for something or buy any product. 😀 it’s just about how you serve online community via your experience or Skills. Try to solve small problems, fix little issue, giving honest suggestion etc.

And one thing must be clear enough to your followers that being professional, you may also charge some FEE over specific service (Premium Service 😛 ). FREE service can be converted later in premium one. So consider it as on priority.

  1. Show Case of your Skills or Services:

Well the most important is to show public who you are? What is all about you? Which skill do you have? What’s your latest projects done?

These are effective quires to be answered by you. Like how could you get client even if you don’t have sample work to show?

How much lucky you are to get clients attention by just telling via your own word?

How can you imagine to receive payments after work, even don’t bother to have any portfolio?

I hope you’ll understand what I am trying to say. Think on these question and find answers by yourself.

One thing is to be clear for you, if you want to work as professional, then make your portfolio of skills or services in hands.

What I learned in this section?

I made my own blog which this one howtk.com back in 2015. This was my passion to work like other pros have done. So now I just simply tell my clients about this site and tried to convince enough to get maximum benefits.

  1. Your behavior will matter:

Attitude is all about your liking and disliking. Means the thing you like, is good in your eyes but other will not fascinate you. I try to be humble as much as I can. It may be: while answering others queries, giving suggestion, giving them right direction.

So you can say being humble with friends on facebook will boast your social presence. And people love to talk humble personalities. 😛

Now you can imagine how much potential will be in my business by just adding a humble behavior/attitude. This up to you and your communication. As 70% of business success depend on dealing with clients.

  1. Be Simple, Be honest:

Simplicity have its own luxury, doesn’t believe? Test yourself and get results. Simplicity doesn’t means to avoid all need, but get rid of spare things in life. Honesty is the best policy. (The very childhood phrase we listen and written but don’t bother to act on it most of the cases. L )

You don’t need to be over smart but simple and honest man that’s it.  Focus on skills, try to provide those values which you can, don’t do too much stuff and result may harm you. Always go for those thing which you can easily handle, that’s my strategy.

Speak your mind:

That’s it from now. I hope you’ll get something out of this post and let me know if any thing missing. Let’s talk about Facebook for business. How you can get client via FB? Drop your feedback below in comment box. I’ll love to hear what you guys say about this topic.

Sharing is caring to boast our efforts in many ways. So care yourself by sharing it. Thanks!

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