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How I got Google AdSense Approved After Rejection? [Case Study]

Assalam o Alikum & Hi to all of you guys! This is your friend Nasir Piya, going to share his real experience over Google AdSense “How I got Google AdSense Approved After Rejection? [Case Study]”.
Yesterday I made a post on Facebook of Google AdSense Approval. A lot of friend message me to share my experience over it. That’s why I’m writing it for all of my readers.
This is my own working experience over blogging journey and how much difficulties I faced? How much time I manage to give to my blog? All about blogging & AdSense is here! So be calm, sit back, take your time & read this article carefully.

Who I am?

One thing to clear in your mind: I am not any type of Guru but a little knowledge to share with you. Yeah, it’s important to have little knowledge about me and my profession as well. I am Muhammad Nasir (Piya is my nickname 😀 ) a young web developer and part time blogger. I am not going to bore you by giving intro. 😛 Simply come to the point:

What Blogging is meant for me?

Its good to learn about your own interest, how much passion about any work you have? This is the thing I mostly observed many of young bloggers out there, they have lack of passion and patience. As I do blogging for my own passion. I love to write my thinking. I want to spread my ideas over internet. I love to help others in a way. This is what I mean about blogging. So you can also must have passion on any niche, then go for exploring inner technicalities. So you are here to learn about how I got Google AdSense Approved After Rejection?

Tools I Use in Blogging:

Tools to be used in my experience based are given below:

WordPress as CMS: You heard right. J a lot of debate is going own which CMS is best for blogging, like Google Blogger OR Open Source WordPress. I strongly recommend WordPress because of its cool features. Still confused to choose a blogging platform? Read this full guide: WordPress vs Blogger, who is best!

Article Spinner: In the early I use article spinner as well, but I don’t recommend you to go for it. Because it can harm the writing capability which you never bear at any cost if you are serious about blogging to make money online. Now I don’t use it & like to write my own thinking for my readers.

Post Ideas to write content: Creating quality content for readers is always problem for me at first. But over the time I come up with some ideas to feed up my readers. Like I use to go in groups on Facebook and find what are the problems that users faces in daily life. Find interesting contents to write by observing real life issues. Sometimes use other social networks like qoura. If you want to get complete guide on how to write quality content? Then here is the post meant for you:
Plugin> SEO by Yoast: I use SEO by Yoast wp plugin to optimize my blog post. As it is up to date with new cool features. You can check out this plugin on google:
Now lets Talk about Applications i sent to AdSens Team and what was a real experience. Quickly go to!

Hosting i Use: Hostgator is the best hosting i ever used, because of their super fast service, 24×7 support and best deals always there. So if you want to buy hosting then Please Use our Coupons:

pmthosting ( 25%OFF ),

netsollabs ( 9.94% OFF ) OR our affiliate link as well: Hostgator get Now!
My First Application for AdSense:

This was big moment for me, a little bit hesitation was there back in Dec 2015. I am so afraid of being rejection, but confident also for approval. At that time my blog stat was:

  • 70+ posts (each post over 300+ mostly)
  • No proper SEO rather than Social Sharing like FB, Google+ twitter, linked In, Stumble Upon, and Pinterest.
  • Daily visitors 100+ sometime 200+.
  • I like to post on random ideas and no clear direction where I should go for blog niche.
  • Passion of writing more & more to get reputation on internet via blogging. Seriously. 😀

So far so good for me at the time, but results didn’t come to my favor. And paid the price via AdSense Rejection within 3 working days. What was my condition after first rejection? Well you may wonder to read this, as I stays peace and calm after being rejected by google as publisher. A little disappointment was there but loose hart. I say myself one day, my time will come. So go ahead and keep working.

Reasons of 1st Rejection and improvements:

Unfortunately I lost the rejection mail from google AdSense. But the reason was inappropriate content. You can say there is no taste for catching more visitors.

Steps which I took at that time was:

  • Did work in more professional ways.
  • Follow others blog, mostly tech blog to get ideas how they write their blog post. I can’t reveal the names here. 😀 try your own luck!
  • Worked more hardly, and going for some pros to review my posting style. Specially, I mentioned here my teacher Sir Fowad Ahmad (Online Marketing & Developer). His instructions and motivations keeps me boasted and never give up at any cost!
  • Improved my style of writing blog post as well.

My 2nd Application & Unfair Rejection:

At the time of my 2nd rejection I really got stunned on AdSense team review. As this was back in Jan 2016 with lots of content like 120+ posts with interesting stuff as well.

Reason of rejection: It was pretty straight forward email founded in my Gmail, which was “Insufficient Content”. I got mad to see it, as I am expecting the approval and more confident though.

Blog stats was: 120+ posts, 6 months old blog, and 200+ visitor’s average. Alexa ranking under 4 lac.

Initiatives took to get rid of rejection:

  • I focused on posting more content with quality & tried to maintain it.
  • Just be calm and went for alternative of AdSense, but failed to get value from other networks.
  • Go for marketing my blog in proper manner and tried to give values to my readers in a way.
  • I tried to get more traffic but ran away from proper SEO. 😀
  • I made good relations with others in this time and took more time on blog marketing.
  • Wrote those content which people desperately needs like tutorials for newbies and guides on technical issues.
  • Provided value to reader and tweak them to read more and more blog posts.
  • Use plugin called related posts for wp to get attenuation by displaying related post right blow the article.
  • Didn’t use any ads (tried but removed on pros advice).
  • Feel free to write content and not even bother to worry about what trend is. But I recommend to go for trendy and hot issues.
  • I use my own English which is learnt by reading other pros articles and some Studies in University helped me as well.
  • Always go with your interest so that you may not bored at some point.
  • being motivated yourself by reading other successful personalities stories, watch interviews etc.

At last 3rd Attempt become fruitful: I got Congratulation message in my email and gone wild in my mind. 😀 just kidding, yes happy moment, really it was. After 3rd attempt back in few days (March 2016) I got Google AdSense Approved After Rejection. It was a lucky of my life as I got Pakistani Google AdSense fully approved.
Now my blog Stats: 150+ posts, 500+ visits daily, Alexa ranking under 2 lac. Looking for branding it, serving online community with more valuable content, organic search results coming MashAllah.

Tips and Suggestion for you:

On my experience below are some tips & suggestion to prevent you from AdSense rejection.

  • Domain name of blog should be clean and memorable.
  • Hosting should be reliable: means if your blog get fame, it must be live at any cost so that your readership maintain.
  • Design your blog via interactive ways, so it may left good impression in the mind of reader & he/she will be come again.
  • Always try to provide value to your blog readers, don’t mislead them with wrong info.
  • First make a strong readerships of blog you have.
  • Serve online community via right info at right time.
  • Target the selected community like my target is IT person.
  • Work hard with passion and don’t worry of earning at first.
  • If you have financial problems, then first learn some skills and go for freelancing.
  • If you want to do blogging as full time job, then make a proper planning. If possible invest some money to market your blog.
  • Having limited info and resources? Go for micro niche blogging.
  • Do proper SEO or hire any consultant to do the job (not really required but well for you).
  • Do Proper Social Media Sharing every post to write.
  • Try to display your blog as brand, it may become your symbol of fame in future Like: Abdul Wali (OnlineUstaad), Hassam Ahmad Awan (BloggingeHow), Ahmad Mustafa Yousafzai (MyBloggingTricks), Amir Atta (ProPakistani) etc.
  • Tell your friends and family about your blog so that they may know about your skills & admire if you deserve.

A Few Personalities to be mentioned behind this success:

  • Respected Teacher Fowad Ahmad (Online Marketer Web Developer, SEO Consultant & Pro Blogger), who guide me throughout the journey and continues till dates. Special thanks to him.
  • My brother like Friend Tayyab Jamil (Web Developer, SEO Consultant), seriously by his help I couldn’t be able to achieve my goal. He often guides me on blogging on his experience and give tips to improve quality.
  • My brother Like Friend Ch Zain Ishaq (SEO Expert, Online Marketer), he often guide me to write SEO optimized article for my blog.He is a really friendly guy! thanks to him being supported us.
  • My Inspiration: Abdul Wali Brother (Reputed Online Teacher [onlineustaad.com])
  • My Motivation: Hassam Ahmad Awan Brother from BloggineHow.com top level pro blogger in Pakistan.
  • Behind the scene: My brother like friends: Aamir Makhani, Nabeel Shoro, and my family like community Learning & Earning. You can join Us here: Official HowTk.Com FB Community Learning & Earning.

That’s my story for now! you can also Google AdSense Approved After Rejection if it happens. What’s you think about it, lets talk about AdSense. Are you getting some value from this blog post? If Yes, the support us by sharing this article on social media with other friends. So that they may get something out of it & received their reward. Thanks!! Sharing is Caring, Show you love and support and spreading it. Feel Free to comment below if you have, I’ll try to explain your query at best!

About nasirpiya

Hi, I am Nasir Piya the Owner of this Blog, Graduated in Computer Science. I love to writing the different type of informative Articles. By profession, I am a Blogger, Web Developer, Freelancer and SEO Professional.

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  1. Congratulation Nasir! I read this case study, It is really motivational for me as well as all new blogger, who want to earn some money form their work. Hope new bloggers will follow your work, and also will success as like you. i am very thank full to you for mentioned my name (Nabeel Shoro) it this post.

  2. Very Well Written. Thank you for the motivation

  3. Hello Nasir, 1st of all congratulation for getting local SEO account. i got my adsense back in 2013 with just 30 Avg post and 200 visitors per day. and the reason of getting approved was domain name, quality content, sitemap and Search engine submission with quality comments and internal and external backlink as i remember,, Hope you will serve the community with more better way.
    Wish you best of Luck

    Best regards
    Muhammad ismail
    Founder BloggingDesk

  4. Ab Pher Try Kr Raha Ho Inshaallah Es Daffa Approved Hoga…

  5. if a blog alraedy rejected by adsense then still is it able to be approved?

  6. As we know, Nowadays Google Adsense account approval has been more tough, just because of google adsense STRICT policies for specific country.They have a very strict TOS and they keep banning accounts, which violates Adsense TOS. But I would like to say here , If your adsense approval has been Rejected, Stay calm and don’t lose hopes; Don’t apply Instantly When adsense team rejects an application, they usually mention the reasons like “insufficient content ” “URL you specified is not owned by you“, “Due to copyright material” and so on.

    First You need to understand what went wrong and how you can fix it. As you have already mentioned ….

    (Work on design of your Blog:) OR ( Build more traffic and Monetize with other Ad networks) OR (Read all rules, terms and conditions carefully) (Clear your all mistakes) (Take final test of your blog) THEN (Reapply for GOOGLE ADSENSE account)…

    In the end I would like to thanks NASIR brother for sharing this useful information….

  7. Really, this post is very helpful for me. I have applied for adsense twice but they rejected my application saying Insufficient Content and really I was very disappointed that time. I have one question for you – How much content actually need for AdSense approval?

    I have read many articles till now but I like your case study, Its very details and depth post.

    Thanks for sharing Nasir.

  8. Thanks for Liking my case study.. I hope it’ll help you for getting adsense approve .
    Keep in touch.. 🙂

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