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Interview with Ali Raza- Online Marketing Expert & Blogger


Hi guys! I hope you’re enjoying life at best. From today we are going to start a new section called “interview with different Personalities” some may be well known but some unknown, it depends on that particular case. So our first guest of honor is none other than, the one and only “Mr. Ali Raza-Online Marketing guru and experience blogger” as well. He often write about his secret tips on personal blog: Aliraza.co Do you know about Abdul Wali? Check out his motivational Story: Who is Abdul Wali? A Man as Symbol of Success! [A Tribute]

So no further wait, let’s find out Knowledge with Ali Raza.

Me: Assalam o Alikum Mr. Ali Raza, Thank you for your precious time. I hope it will be worthy interview for our readers. We would like to include some common as well as critical questions. So let’s start the show!

Me: Tell us about yourself please?

Ali Raza: W.salam, I’m glad to be a part of your website. Hope this interview helps many newbies and professionals in their field! Good luck

“Well I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, Google and Microsoft Certified Advertising Professional and Owner of a Google Partner, Digital Marketing Company. I’m also a Director of a cosmetic firm, namely Adore Pvt. Ltd.”

Me: When & How you come to online industry?

Ali Raza: I’m working in this industry from 2004. I spent most of my childhood around computer. Due to my family business background, i love talking about business, making money and finding new opportunities to turn cash into profits so same was the thought when i started using the computer and thats what made me eventually a consultant in online advertising industry.

Me: Who was your source of motivation at that time?

Ali Raza: When You want something fight for it, no matter how hopeless it seems even when you have lost the hope because years from now you are gonna look back and wish you gave it one more shot, because the best things in life don’t come easily.

Well well, I wanted to show my family, my friends the real capabilities of mine and that’s what motivated me for most of the time, besides that, I wanted to gain respect, recognition and life style i wanted to live so this all worked for bringing motivation.

Me: Do you prefer blogging/freelancing instead of regular job?

Ali Raza: Well well well, that’s a difficult question, I leave this up to everyone to decide what they want their future to be, there are some people who do not like to work in any boundaries or under someone so i suggest blogging/freelancing to them and those who have a mindset of jobs, they can do regular jobs, there is no harm or nothing wrong in that, it’s all comes to the personal preference. For any professional who wanted to start freelancing, i do not recommend to leave their job and start blogging or freelancing but i suggest to do it part time, once it flourishes, you can take it as a full time job.

Me: What is blogging meant for you?

Ali Raza: It’s a lifestyle, it’s a way to express people about what you know. I have learned sharing is caring, the more you share, the more you learn. So far blogging has been very beneficial to me in that aspect, I look forward to gain multiple benefits through it as well.

Me: What is the Scope of blogging/freelancing in your point of view?

Ali Raza: The scope is of passion not of field, if you have a passion of blogging/freelancing, you can take it to the next level but if you are in this field just because you heard  people making money from it, then you are wrong and won’t be successful.

Me: Should we go for brand ourselves? & How?

Ali Raza: In the modern age, branding yourself and creating a recognition is very important. There are many ways which can help you doing it such as, Vlogging, Social Media, Blogging, and Giving Interviews. In fact the online industry have made it so simpler and easier that anyone can do it.

(Me: That more like it, totally agreed with you!)

Me: I heard, by sharing our blog in our own circle may harm it in future… is it true? If yes how we can play safe?

Ali Raza: How come it’s going to harm you? How sharing can harm us? Think Big!!! (Me: well I felt this was a stupid question 😀 )

Me: How a beginner can enter into online industry? Blogging/freelancing?

Ali Raza: The best way is to find out what activities are being done online, list all of them, do research on each of them and find out which one caters his most interest then a newbie can enter into that.

Me: How we can maintain our reputation in online field?

Ali Raza: The most important thing in maintaining reputation is understanding your responsibilities and have a proper communication. These are the two main things which either develops or ruins your reputation, even your skills comes later.

Going ahead, I also feel building relationships with people, respecting professionals and seniors is also a nice gesture you can give to get noticed and build a good relationship

Me: Is there any specific rules/methods to achieve goals with ease? (I’m talking about blogging/freelancing)

Ali Raza: The rules are: There is no option other than being successful and when you have a God to help you out, for sure he will make a way out for you, if you give your best and keep on trying.

The other strategy I suggest is having a strong eye on your competitors, look what they do, how they attract clients/visitors, follow their strategies and implement them with your own twist.

Me: How much we can earn from online? Any rough idea from your perspective?

Ali Raza: There are literally 1000’s of ways, just do whatever you like doing it, money will come. You can make money from anything, the execution is what really matters but for execution you need planning and proper understanding of the product/service you are trying to work with.

Me: Does this online industry will cover the major business in near future?

Ali Raza: It is intact covering right now and the trend isn’t going to slow either, it’s growing at remarkable speed.

Me: Should we quiet our job at some stage while working online with +ve outcome? If yes, then at what stage?

Ali Raza: Until you start generating the amount of income you earn from your regular job, there is no point of quitting your regular job.

Me: At last….. Any suggestion to me? My readers and all the newbies who want to join online filed…

Ali Raza: Just keep doing, many of the life failures didn’t know how close they were to success when they lost hope, so keep on doing! NEVER EVER lose the hope. Keep on doing.

Hope you have enjoyed the interview, if you have any questions, please post in the interview, i will be happy to answer them.

Yeah i enjoyed it a lot, I hope all of my readers will going to like it. Thank you so much for clearing our concepts about online industry, blogging, freelancing. It’s worthy interview though. Mr. Ali Raza have A Personal Blog where he share his secret tips and strategies named as: Aliraza.co

Final Words, Speak your mind:

How was this interview? Did you find some knowledge which have worth? Feel free to post your feelings below in comments and also ask question if you have. Share it with other and stay connected for more awesome people with awesome interviews. Thanks for reading!

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