Interview with Asfand Yar Junejo- Solo Ad Expert

Interview with Asfand Yar Junejo

Hi guys! Today our guest of honor is Asfand Yar Junejo, who is Solo Ad Expert and works on different CPA Networks. He also work at NADRA Pakistan. In this particular interview, we’ll going to explore more about his personal and professional life.

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So let’s start the interview!

Me: Welcome to the show… interview with different personalities. Thank you for your precious time.

Asfand: Thank you for the honor Mr. Nasir

Me: I myself and my reader would like to know about yourself. Please go ahead!


My name is Asfand Yar Junejo and I’m 32 year old entrepreneur. I’m MBA (HR) from University of Sindh and also completed my MA (Islamic Culture) from same University, working as Junior Executive in one of most broad Department of Ministry of Interior Pakistan and it’s none other than NADRA.

Me: well this is something special to hear… when and how you come to online industry?


Well this is very long story but let me keep it in a short, I belong to middle class family and my father get died when I was 11, we are 7 sisters and 3 brothers. Since I was child I always dreamed to become computer operator and thought one day I get government job and all my family problems get solved, my mother strives very hard to pay for our education, she was the inspiration for me, she was not well educated but she dreamed to see us well educated.

Belonging to poor family I was unable to buy a PC for me and then I started to learn it from my friends, and then I come to know about software`s and there usage. Then I shifted to Karachi on 2001 and start working on different institutes.

Me: what your expertise in online field?


I`m Solo ad Manager and work on different CPA networks.

Me: So tell us your experience about these online jobs?


Well solo Ad business is one of the most enchanting and amazing wealth growth business online, in this business only the person get successful who has more clients and leads, this is the business where you first have to invest about 2 to 4 thousand Dollars and then you get familiar with other marketers who are already in the business. We build up email leads and work on only one niche which is MMO (make money Online) as well as Affiliate marketing concerns think everyone is familiar with this business and the most amazing thing in this business is “you don`t have to Invest for online Earning”.

A solo ad seller is someone who has built a large email list. They will rent out their list to website owners by sending a guaranteed minimum number of users to a website. These users are referred to as “clicks.” They will sell solo ads in multiple of clicks like a 100 click solo ad.

Every time a solo ad seller sends out an email to drive traffic to the buyer’s website, they will see people unsubscribe from their email list. As a result the solo ad seller has to constantly add new subscribers to their list to replace those that unsubscribe.

This never-ending process of adding new subscribers to replace people who unsubscribe is why the solo ad business is referred to as “churn and burn”.

There are only few Pakistani`s in this otherwise majority of solo ad marketers are from T1 countries ().

Me: What do you suggest about these techniques for a newbie?


For the new comers and professionals it’s a very vast and growing wealth market, start it with building a landing page, attract people to subscribe and start selling your subscribers. For an average solo ad manage, it’s not difficult to make 100$ in a day.

In Affiliate marking there are big companies like Jvzoo, Click bank, Maxbounty etc. are offering you to sale there products and all you can start selling it by buying simple domain and hosting in just 10$.

Make a simple website with rich content and then add there offers which suits you and start making sales which get you handsome commission.

Me: Well it looks a simple get rich strategy… is it? If yes then why people don’t know about it in Pakistan. If not, then how it suits us?


Yes it is, but all you need to get focused on the task what you are doing, always know the rules of game which you are going to play, as i remember one of the famous quotes “Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”

– Zig Ziegler

In Pakistan, majority of new comers think that there is only way of legit earning online and that is Google AdSense, this is general thought that people just want to make free blog and set up few posts and they think if they earn few bucks they achieve everything in their life, however it’s not true, as I mentioned previously there are many ways to earn handsome amount of $ Online.

Me: What are the best online jobs you can suggest to any newbie who just want to enter into online industry?


The best online job i prefer is work as Content Writer, a good content writer can earn in 5 figures easily, it’s the best and focused way to earn where you don`t have to spent too much for getting a job, there are too many platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and odes etc. where a starter enrich their skills and get in list of professionals.

Me: I saw you giving premium stuff for free in FB groups? What’s the logic behind it? Is there any marketing strategy behind? (With all due respect)


Yes you are right there is a logic behind it, I’m not new in SEO field and came accidentally in it. i have a good friend and he referred me a Facebook group where new people like me learn some SEO tips and tricks just watched that Facebook group for 3 months and come to know that no one is helping no one and people are running after the so called SEO experts and these so called SEO Experts are misguiding them and leading them to nowhere.

So I decided to step in and start making giveaways only for the reason when I was in learning process (still I’m) no one helped these give away are only for saving time of these newbie`s and guide them to work on a popper manner.

That’s it

Me: Any professional tips to other pros?


I just want to say to all new comers that always focus on the task which you are doing online, there are many competitors are waiting to lay you down but if you know the game which you are playing then you easily conquer the Market.

Me: Well this something special interview which I have so far… so any motivational message to the people like me?


As I mentioned before, work hard and try to focus on every task you are about to do, set the goal of achievement and make sure to achieve slowly but surely. This is the only reason which make me earn on 5 figures Online.

Just be sincere whichever field you choose for online work and help others then Allah will help you.

Me: At the end, I would like to thank you for giving me your precious time for this worthy interview. A Big Thank you.


Stay blessed and take care of yourself and the Love ones who are always waiting for you.

Me: That’s all from this interview with Mr. Asfand Yar Junejo for now. I hope you guys enjoy our talk and get something out of it. Post your comments to show your feeling about it.

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Interview with Asfand Yar Junejo- Solo Ad Expert

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