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100+ Final Year Project Ideas for University Students

Free Info & Resources: Final Year Project Ideas are very vital for university students. They have to come out with some unique ideas for making reasonable Final Year Project (FYP).

If you are a university student and looking for Final Year Project Ideas idea then this post is for you! Don’t forget to read full guide: Why University Students Not Capable of Making Final Year Projects?

Here is a list of 100+ Final Year Project Ideas for Computer science students:

  1. Online Project Management System (According to Organization Requirements)
  2. E-Learning System (Like Udemy, Khan Academy, Lynda)
  3. Class Management System (Manage Class Level Activities)
  4. Online Gaming platform (Like Google Play Store, Apple iCloud)
  5. Talking Forum for Discussion (Like Black Hat Forum)
  6. Online Shopping System (Shopping Portal like OLX, Amazon)
  7. Public Guidance System (Following By Govt. Rules)
  8. Online Chatting Room (Like WhatsApp, FB messenger)
  9. Online Traffic Management System (According to requirements)
  10. Library management System (As Desired for Offline System)


  1. Ticket Reservation System (As Feasible by Cinema )
  2. Social Media with ecommerce (Like Facebook With shopping system)
  3. Social Media with teaching system (Add your own modules)
  4. Public safety guidance (Add your own constraints)
  5. Hotel Management System (Any of Online Hotel system)
  6. Helping Hand System (Donation System)
  7. Tutorial Guidance System (Like Udemy, Lynda)
  8. Online Video Portal (Like YouTube)
  9. Food Inspection System (Artificial Intelligence Based Project)
  10. Face Recognition System (Artificial Intelligence[AI] Based Project)


  1. Finger Print Recognition System (AI Based System)
  2. Kitchen Management System (Kitchen for online Community)
  3. E-Panchayat System (Punjabi Local Culture Traditions)
  4. Online Notice Board for Any Organization (Live News Feeds in Digital Notice Board via Web Based System)
  5. Location Finder (Android App Using Google Maps)
  6. Hostel Management System (To Arrange Activities at Hostel)
  7. Content Management System CMS (Like Blogger, WordPress)
  8. Online FIR System for Police ( To make FIR Digital)
  9. Online School Management System (To Arrange Activities at School)
  10. Online Fee Management System (Digital Fee Portal for any Organization)


  1. Distance Learning Management System (To Support DL Student for their Online working)
  2. Find/Trace My Phone (Android App)
  3. Call Me Back (Android Application)
  4. Social Norms Guidance (Website or Android App)
  5. Business Help Desk (Android/Web Base Help System)
  6. Online Trading System (Like Forex Trading System)
  7. Virtual Personal Assistance (AI Based Personal Helping System)
  8. Online Lottery System (Arranging Lottery Activities Online)
  9. Online Voting System (Android/Web based Feedback)
  10. Online Feedback System (Android/Web based getting result about any product or query)


  1. Quiz Management System (Taking Online Quiz from users)
  2. Online Examination System (Android or Web base)
  3. Event Management System (Covering event activities)
  4. Quality Assurance System (AI Base Project)
  5. Marketing Guidance for Business Community
  6. Web Based Marketing Tools
  7. Online Banking System (Manage Bank Activities Online)
  8. Online Medical Help (AI Based Project)
  9. Online Blood Bank (Web/Android Based Project)
  10. eCare System (AI Based Medical System)


  1. Student Help Desk (To Resolve Students issues)
  2. Online Job Portal (Job system for public)
  3. Online Job Hunter (Searching jobs on available data)
  4. Media Help for Business (Help in Marketing trend)
  5. Media Guide for Public (Public help for all)
  6. Public Awareness System (Creating awareness about bad things as well as good)
  7. Anti-Drug System (AI Base Project/According to requirements)
  8. Sports Management System
  9. Live News Broad Cast
  10. Live Streaming System (Live TV Channels)


  1. Hosting System for Websites
  2. Online Storage System (Like Google Drive, Mediafiar)
  3. Content Creation System (To Collect Textual Data from anywhere)
  4. Code Editor (Like Notepade++, Dreamwier)
  5. Any Media Player (Like VLC, Goom)
  6. Text to Voice System (AI Based Project)
  7. Voice to Text System (Android/Web Based AI Project)
  8. Speech Recognition System for Education
  9. Hacking Prevention System (Provide Security from Hacking)
  10. Anti-Virus for Computer


  1. E-Book Creator (PDF or any other desired form of Book)
  2. Social Connection for Education (Like Udemy)
  3. Question & Answer[Q&A] System (Like Quora)
  4. Freelancing System (Websites Like Fiverr, Upwork)
  5. Add Publishing System (Like Neobux, Clicksense)
  6. Online Marriage Bauru (Arrange the marriage ceremony activities)
  7. Online Order Booking System (Order Booking for specific system)
  8. Making Fool to Public (Create Some Online Gadget to make fun of public)
  9. Online Currency Convertor System (Convert All currency with latest rates)
  10. Online Hospital Management System (Making Hospital Digital and available to access in just one click. It must be Artificial Intelligence based system)


  1. Webcam for video calls
  2. Webcam for Live video chatting system
  3. Error Correction or Detection is Specific Program
  4. Distribution Management System for Business Organizations
  5. Data Compression System for Better Transformation
  6. SMS Sending System from Web to Mobile
  7. Sketch Designing Tool for Graphics
  8. Scientific Calculator for Mathematical Problems
  9. Data Mining System for Educational Purpose
  10. Open Sources Sharing Platform (Like GitHub)


  1. Slides/PDF Sharing Website (Like Slide Share, Scribed)
  2. Tourism System (To Facilitate public digital tour of Natural or historical place)
  3. Soccer/Football Game
  4. Play Cricket Game
  5. Blood Pressure Measure System (iOS/Android Application)
  6. Employee Hiring System (HRM based AI Project)
  7. DRP/viewership calculator (TV Media Industry Project)
  8. Love Calculator (AI Based System to judge relation b/w Personals)
  9. Factory Management System (To Arrange Activates at any factory)
  10. Online Inventory System for Business Organizations
  11. Online Music Application (Like Savan or iTunes)
  12. Music Tune Generator (Create Digital Music Gadget it may be one or more as you like, which give sound like actual real Musical Instrument)
  13. Picture Editing Tool (Like Photoshop)
  14. Quantity Measure Digital System (AI Based Project)
  15. Eye Contact Security System (Unlock the door system by eye moment/ or desired Constraints)
  16. Strong Password Generator Un-Hack-able
  17. Online Testing System for Educational Purpose (It should be as look like real world exams so AI based project/ or Desired requirements)
  18. Computer Resources Finder (System Programming based Tool)
  19. URL Shortening System (Like Adf.ly)
  20. Microblogging Platform (Like Twitter)

Final Summery, Speak Your Mind:

I hope this guide will help you a lot in term of Final Year Project Ideas make extraordinary projects to complete degree. If you have any query or help regarding FYP, then let us know about that. I hope I will do something for you. Share this post to other university fellow to help them. Thanks!

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    I was going through the ideas you mentioned above and I found them very helpful. Regarding the ideas, I have an idea for the project too. I wanted to ask for your suggestions whether the idea is implementable and what technology I should use.
    My idea is that in remote areas where we don’t have mobile network signals, we can search our location using GPS. Similarly, we can send messages from web to mobile like you mentioned an idea(“SMS Sending System from Web to Mobile”). Is it possible to communicate through GPS? I mean if one gets lost in a remote area and he cannot contact anyone. Is it possible that he uses that particulr application and communicates with some one else?
    Your help regarding this will be appreciated allot. Waiting for the response

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