How To Download Facebook Videos Easily without Any Software


Today, most video sharing work is on Facebook. If it seems rather interesting book is designed for videos and photo sharing. We love to Download Facebook Video. We humor throughout the day, ranging from all sorts of information and songs shared videos on Facebook and watch others shared videos.

Following the professionals we are often feel like their videos want to be download offline whenever they can be seen easily.

For this purpose you will be using several programs, but let us tell you how to make videos that Facebook can be used to download without any extension, proxy or software.

Even you do not need any type of plug. This tip is very simple and we have test it on Google Chrome. Through it we very easily and successfully downloaded the video from Facebook.


How This Trick WORKS?


First, choose the video you want to download, and it will open a new tab in Google Chrome.

Now we have to make some amendments in the URL of the video. Let’s suppose URL of video is:


Mobile version of this URL will not be changed. Replace the m to the www. Our URL will be something like that in below:


As soon as you enter the URL and press will change the mobile version of Facebook will be in front of you. Now let the video play. Let it run for at least five to ten seconds. Right-click the video at the opening menu, then “Save video as …” option will also be present. Click on it and you can easily Download Facebook Videos.


Smart phones can also be used this way easily. Facebook application instead of the Chrome browser, your Facebook account to log in and wish to Download Facebook Videos.

Final Words To Share!

I hope you will get some knowledge about your desire to Download Facebook Video without any software it seems like very simple 😀 is it? Speak your mind any query about this particular post. We will happy to address all issues below in comments box. Share our posts on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and others to spread knowledge as well. Thanks in advance & stay connected for future tutorials on HowTk.Com.

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