How to Change Website Fonts with Your Desire one?

We recommend many websites owners to use a certain font so that we could read it easily. If this happens to you also, No need to say someone, 😀 your Google Chrome browser have a solution for this problem.

First, from the following link ‘font-changer’ (Font Changer) installed in Chrome browser:

font changer

Font changer For Google Chrome Install:

This ad on using Google web fonts can change any Website Fonts. For example, every time you are fed up seeing the same twitter or Facebook fonts. So your choice can be selected via the Ad on.

How to Use Font Changer?

  • After the installation of Font Changer, it will be on the menu bar, click on it.
  • The options will be in front of you. List of the font that you feel they should choose font is no for from just one click, the font of the website will be changed immediately.
  • You can always change it as you like and it also can bring back real fonts.
  • A font can be selected for all Websites and for each site separately if they choose fonts. It contains more than 500 fonts.
  • The good thing is that it can insert the font of your choice. It is down to the font list, click Edit Custom Fonts option.
  • A new tab will open. Any of you thought this font of your choice can be added to it.

In addition, the company prepared specifically Ad on for Facebook Font changer. If you want to experience it only Facebook Ad on the following settings:

 Facebook Font changer Install Here!

Font-changer through the Urdu fonts can also be used. English websites are using almost the same good fonts but often Urdu Websites are not using our fancy font. You should know that many beautiful Urdu fonts available free now, especially Forums fonts are very beautiful. The fonts you can download from the following link:

Urdu fonts Install

The link to download your choice of fonts are real no fake one, so you can Change Website Fonts. The site would then use your preferred Urdu font. Share it to spread knowledge all over! Credit# ComputingPK

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