Find The Power of Browsing with Slim Jet Browser Free

All you need a browser that is fast, quickly open the sites and there are several useful features. All these features meets the Slim Jet Browser. Do you know about Slim Jet before? If not then it’s your safe place for knowledge via HowTk.Com.


The blinking (Blink) engine is used in it which enables the high-speed browsing. Any browser that you can use as an alternative. Firefox or Google Chrome, you can fight it any browser. Slim Jet Bowser features to mention a long list of them, let you know about it are the main features.


Join Facebook Sharing via Built in Feature:

Today, every time we do share something on Facebook, so it has already been included on the button, so that any web page or image can instantly share on Facebook.

slimjet FB share option

Photo editing Option:

There is also a photo editor, any picture to upload before you can put on a beautiful effects and frames.


slimjet photo option

The image will be Re-size via Photo Editing option present in Slim Jet Browser to upload.

Video downloading:

To download videos from YouTube the feature of downloading from browser is also included in. Any video can also be downloaded as MP 3 format with ease.

slimjet youtube

Extension, plugin, theme support

The browser extension for Chrome browser, plugin and theme support is also present. They were ready for the Chrome browser extension, you can install it.

Also fill in the form, language translation, web links to Short and weather conditions, such as the link there are several excellent features of Slim Jet Browser.

download button1

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